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So- is Disneyland worth the money or would another holiday be just as good?

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nowwearefour Thu 16-Jun-11 19:23:27

I had been told that 6 and 8 are good ages to go to Disneyworld and as i never went as a child i proposed to DH that we skipped a holiday next year and saved hard in order to (possibly) be able to go to Florida Disneyworld the year after next. DH does not want to go but is willing to make the sacrifice if the dd's will really love it. but he thinks that it might be just as good to go still save up but to back to our fav South Africa or to somewhere else equally fantastic instead. What do others think- is Disneyworld REALLY worth the extortionate money it costs?

knockedupagain Thu 16-Jun-11 20:42:13

Paris would be much cheaper. At the end of the day, it's just a theme park that is a fun day out. I made the mistake of taking my kids when the youngest wasn't tall enough for space mountain. So we had to go again a couple of years later since, for a boy, space mountain was really the whole point.

justonemorethen Thu 16-Jun-11 20:44:23

I became an Au pair just to go to Disney World because I thought I missed out as a child. I actually hate Disney but loved the whole concept of their theme park. I thought it was great actually and it is better than EuroDisney. Have also been to South Africa and I can similarities between Cape Town and Florida in actual fact.
There's loads of other stuff you could do out there as well which would be better than a whole week stuck in a Disney hotel. You don't need more than 3 days to do the whole thing - I though Epcot was really good although this was 15 years ago! Loved my stay on the West coast too- the Alligator park remains a great memory. Don't do a massive Disney package. Go to TripAdvisor and research the best way to do it for your family budget.

Hulababy Thu 16-Jun-11 20:48:51

It's great fun. My DD has been at 2y, 4y and 7y and we are oing again this summer when she will be 9y. She loves it that much, lol! And, as an only child, it is ideal for her as all the entertainment is there.

We've been to DLP too and it is fine. It's still magical but far smaller, much less parks (Florida has so many other parks too). It is also far busier ime. It isn't really comparable in terms of size and how much there is to do. Amd the weather is far less predicatable and more likely to be cold and wet, again ime.

We think it is worth it. DH was pretty sceptical the first time but went along with it all as we went with family. He was won over by the whole thing the minute he saw DD's face smile

suebfg Thu 16-Jun-11 21:01:41

It is fantastic and well worth the money. We went to Florida earlier this year. Disney Florida is far more than a theme park believe me - it is magical! I'm not normally a fan of theme parks - we normally prefer more exotic holiday (for example, went to Australia and Singapore last year) but Disney has surpassed any of the holidays we have been on. I also never went to Disney as a child and seeing the Magic Kingdom castle for the first time shall stay with me.

We spent two weeks in Florida and spent most of this time at the Disney parks. Each park has enough to occupy you for at least two days. It is great value for money and there's lots to do besides Disney. I can recommend the 14 day Disney pass which was at the same price as the 7 day pass - not sure if it still is - but it is great value.

If you do decide to go to Florida, consider the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa. We stayed there - it is only 10 minutes drive to Disney (you will need to factor in car hire if you are staying at a non Disney hotel as Orlando isn't well suited to walking/public transport). It is self-catering but the suites are enormous and perfectly suited to families. Again you can check out the reviews on Tripadvisor. Plenty of supermarkets nearby.

I haven't been to Disneyland Paris but the reviews on Tripadvisor were enough to put me off.

If you want any more info re Disney Florida, let me know as I prepared some info for a friend.

KangarooCaught Thu 16-Jun-11 21:07:04

Thought Florida was fab - more of a Universal Studios fan than Disney though - and totally worth the expense.

nowwearefour Fri 17-Jun-11 17:26:36

Thanks for all the encouragment. I am back onto planning for it now! Yes please to more info sue. I am happy to give you my email address? I also believe it might be possible to do it for less than the 9k dh had suggested it would cost...

suebfg Fri 17-Jun-11 21:38:35

I've sent you a message with some further details. PS we went out of season (late Feb) but for 3 of us it cost £2.5k for good flights, hire car and self catering at Lake Buena Vista Resort Village for 2 weeks via Expedia. The Disney tickets were extra to this -we had the 14 day ultimate tickets and these were just shy of £700.

There are good supermarkets within a few mins drive of Lake Buena Vista resort and we catered for ourselves very cheaply and very well. The food on offer at the parks and at local restaurants is typical American fast food anyway so it was better (and cheaper) for us to cater for ourselves.

Over and above the holiday and Disney tickets, we didn't spend a great deal.

suebfg Fri 17-Jun-11 21:39:15

And if you book via Quidco, you get cashback with Expedia and Disney - over £100 in our case

nowwearefour Sat 18-Jun-11 08:17:57

Suebfg you have been SO helpful. Thank yo.

LtEveDallas Sat 18-Jun-11 09:24:46

Suebfg or Nowwearefour, would you be willing to forward that info onto me if I pm'd you my email?

We want to take DD and DSD to Disney Aug 2012 (even though Aug will be a PITA, it's the only time we can all go). We know it's going to cost us a fortune, plus we've got to try and fit in a flight from Florida to Columbia (to visit relatives) as well!

Any help you could give would be appreciated smile

darleneoconnor Sat 18-Jun-11 09:45:36

It is so worth it.

nowwearefour Sun 19-Jun-11 20:47:38

pm me your email ltevedallas- i'd be more than happy to forward on to you as is so helpful!

Figgygirl Mon 20-Jun-11 02:19:22

Just to add my comments....
We started going to ' EuroDisney ' now known as Disneyland Paris when it opened in 1992, with only one park. ( similar to the Magic Kingdom park in WDW ). Our boys loved it as they could divide time between the hotel pools and the park. We stayed every summer for 5 or 7 days.
The Studios Park was added in 2002, and is still expanding, with the latest addition of Toy Story Playland and a new indoor Ratatouille ride is planned next.

You cannot compare WDW/ Orlando holiday with a short break to DLP as they are both completely different types of holiday.
WDW had 4 Disney parks and two waterparks. Then you also have Universal Studios park, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, Aquatica waterpark, the Space Centre, Busch Gardens ( Tampa ), Discovery Cove, and other trips like airboat rides through the Everglades, Swamp Buggy rides through a Semisole Indian Reservation, cruise boat trips to the gulf of Mexico....the list goes on....

We went to Florida for the first time when our boys were 9 and 13, which was fine apart from DS2 being too small for some rides like coasters. He was not that keen to try them anyway, so didn't get upset seeing his brother ride with us in turn, using childswop.
It was a very busy and tiring two weeks, staying in the cheapest Disney hotel, which had just opened. ( All Star Movies ). We used the Disney buses, and taxis to visit parks outside Disneyworld resort.
Two years later DS2 was getting braver, but still too small for some rides at 11yrs. By 2005 when he was 14 he could now go on everything.

Space Mountain in WDW is nothing like Space Mountain in DLP. The ride in DLP is far more extreme with a minimum height of 1.32m. It is more like Rock n Roller Coaster.

We have been to Orlando / WDW 5 times now, and have done something different on each trip. Last time we did Discovery Cove, which was expensive, but a lovely day.
DS1 really enjoyed the Space Centre, but DS2 got bored with some of it.
Both boys really enjoyed the airboat ride through the Everglades and swamp buggy ride through the Indian reservation, ending with a short cruise, but it was a very long day with an early start and a lot of driving. We booked this as an excursion leaving from our Disney hotel.

We have always had between 14 and 18 nts holidays there, to manage to do most things with rest days in waterparks as well.
Timing your trip is very important to avoid crowds and long queues - avoid American school and college holidays.

We still visit DLP regularly as well - at least twice a year, for 3-5 days usually. The different seasons vary enormously there, so again you have to pick the right time for your family. Most people who have planned well, and got lots of info from the DLP forums on Trip Advisor or other DLP sites have had a great time. The bad reviews are usually because people expected it to be like America, or did no planning, or went at the wrong time, which makes me feel very sad.
There is no point in grumbling there were no fireworks or electrical parade if you don't check when they are on before booking!
There are some great rides and attractions in DLP that they do not have in American parks, and some rides are better as DLP was built later, so they improved them.

WDW and DLP are both worth visiting, but one is a major holiday and one is a short break, with the opportunity to visit Paris as well. ( we usually have one day sightseeing in Paris, which is only 40 mins on the train from Disney ).

Next year we are going to Disneyland California for the first time as part of a West coast trip, and I am sure that will be very different as well.

Whatever you do - Have a Magical Time!

Figgygirl Mon 20-Jun-11 02:31:04

For anyone thinking of visiting Disneyland Paris, this is the link for the DLP/ MLV forums on Trip Advisor. They are linked together, so it doesn't matter which you use for posting.

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