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Lapland/Santa day trips

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sykes Tue 07-Oct-03 15:06:34

Has anyone taken their dd/ds on a day trip to see Santa and was it worth it? They seem v expensive, also 3.5 hrs there and back, but I'm tempted. Would only take the four-year old as presume the two-year old too young. Thanks. I'm sure there's a thread somewhere but can't find it.

CountessDracula Tue 07-Oct-03 15:56:05

Bizarrely I was just searching for something else and this came up. They do daytrips from £229 per person which seems ok to me.

sykes Tue 07-Oct-03 17:08:38

Thanks v much, I'll have a look.

HZL Tue 07-Oct-03 19:16:06

A friend of my mum's told me about a company called Canterbury Tales, which does wonderful day trips to Lapland to see Santa. She took her two oldest children a couple of years ago, and is planning to go back with the younger two. Very personalised apparently - you have a set time to go and see Santa, and get him all to yourself for a while. It involved a long sleigh ride through the snow to a place in the middle of nowhere, and when Santa appeared (he'd obviously been primed)he greeted the children by name as though he'd been waiting for no-one but them. Magical day by all acounts, the kids were completely gob-smacked by the whole experience. Not sure about costs, but think it was around £400 per person (ouch!). I'm sure they must have a website - try searching on Google.

sykes Wed 08-Oct-03 09:58:05

Thanks very much.

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