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roadtrip around northern spain with 6mnth old, what should i pack?

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majorca77 Wed 15-Jun-11 21:44:55

Hi everyone,

We are planning to go on our first family holiday with our 3mnth DD. She will be 6mnths by the time we go so whe will be on solids We won;t be fying but travelling around northern spain for approx 14 days.

Can anyone advise me on what i should pack or get and things i should be aware of. My mind has suddenly gone blank!blush

I can get nappies while i'm over there and will be picking up a travelcot.

You may all laugh, but if possible i's like to be able to get multfunctional items, so that i dont have too many things than i already have.

any advise would be greatly appreciated/


mummymeister Thu 16-Jun-11 13:59:52

Calpol, sterilising tablets if she is on a bottle and at 6m she will be eating food so stock up on favourite baby food pouches. mini primus stove so you can sterilise your own stuff in a pan on the road. This is the biggest nightmare - food hygiene and safety. Baby breakfast cereal and baby snacks like rice cakes are always good as well. Plus of course some paracetamol for yourself - brave to be going away with a 6m old so have fun! Forgot - a good phrase book unless you are fluent and some key phrases downloaded off the internet in case you get into any problems. Travel insurance - goes without saying.

GnomeDePlume Thu 16-Jun-11 21:09:30

Sounds like a wonderful trip. We went to Northern Spain (Noja) when the DCs were very small - thinking about it DD2 must have been around 6 months old. In addition to mummymeister's list I would add a backpack. We found this so useful when each of our DCs was small and so much better than using a buggy (though we did take that as well).

We have always travelled round Europe with our DCs since they were very small. We went camping with DD1 before she was walking (she was at the pebble sucking age!). We took a big plastic box with a lid which we used for sterilising and storage of baby feeding kit. We took milk in individual cartons. I remember we set off with trays of milk everywhere in the car which we slowly replaced with wine.

Enjoy, it sounds wonderful.

majorca77 Tue 21-Jun-11 20:43:27

Thanks for the advise, its been really helpful. Fortunately I don't have to worry too much about the language barrier as my husband is spanish!

I'm currently testing out a baby carrier, think it might make walks and visits a little easier, but saying that i will take the buggy along too.

I feel a bit more at ease also knowing that my dd will be starting on solids - thanks mummymeister I will keep a note of the the baby breakfast and rice cakes.

thanks again

ImeldaM Wed 22-Jun-11 09:39:38

Would add, might be obvious, but if you are near large towns or cities & not totally rural, you will easily be able to buy baby food/medicines in any large supermarket.

Have a good time, I love Spain, especially rural areas.

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