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Virgin holidays - confused about Half board/Full Board

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oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 12-Jun-11 12:46:01

Thinking of booking a very nice holiday in Thailand which I've been looking at on the Virgin website. I've never had a holiday like this so I have no idea what's included or not and the website is no help at all.

But I can't seem to find any details of what constitutes HB and/or FB. The basic cost includes breakfast, and we'd want to stay at the resort rather than venture out.

Firstly, which meal does HB cover? Lunch or dinner?
And does this mean you'd have to eat in one certain place with buffet type stuff or would it give you the run of the 5 eating places that are there?

I can't see that the dds would consitite the full board cost, esp dd2 who is only 5 and will eat very small meal and snacks esp after a huge breakfast.

I'd be very grateful for any advice (or a link to the info page on Virgin - my brain is mush at the moment so it might be me being thick)

IwanttobeShirleyValentine Sun 12-Jun-11 21:02:10

HB is traditionally Breakfast and evening meal
FB is the same with lunch

It depends on the hotel whether or not it is buffet or waiter service. pros and cons to each.

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