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Euro Disney with a two year old? Ideas?

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gusfus Thu 09-Jun-11 13:42:12

Weve just booked a 3 day trip to euro Disney at the very end of august. ( I know slightly insane) my oldest DS will be 6 and the youngest just 2. Wondering if there was any ideas/ advice you could share with me?
Am I going to get left standing with the buggy while dh and oldest DS enjoy the rides, or are there suitable things to entertain everyone involved? Are there things that are a must see/do when it comes to this Disney lark?. Any advice greatfully received.
Off to practise my calming mantra ,ready for standing in lines with a hot 2 year old.

rosie39forever Thu 09-Jun-11 17:28:33

There are lots of things for a 2yr old, you will probably spend most of your time in fantasy land which is geared towards smaller children and it where all the princess stuff is, also its a small world is a must for little ones as is the little theatre which has the winnie the pooh show, lots of the rides and attractions are suitable for the whole family so you and your little one won't miss out. Buzzlightyears lazer blast in discoveryland goes down a storm with little boys [and dads]. Don't forget to go to the studios as the new toy story land has just opened there also in the studios is the playhouse disney show which is great for little ones and the cinemagic and animagic shows. The parade is every day at 5 and everyone loves that but get there early as it get very crowded, we're off for our 5th visit in July and always have a good time.
If you are staying in a disney hotel you get to go into the park 2hrs before it opens to the public so make the most of this as there are no queues.
Have a lovely holiday.

avaj Thu 09-Jun-11 18:56:52

There are plenty of rides suitable for you all, especially in fantasyland. My 2 year old loved Buzz laser blast and It's a small world. (so did I!)
I would also recomend the playhouse disney show in the Studio Park. It is an interactive puppet show and lasts about 25mins. There are lots of bubbles to catch etc...My 5 year old enjoyed it too. The shows are a good way to break up the day and have a rest in the shade!

Figgygirl Fri 10-Jun-11 05:26:16

Hi gusfus,
Firstly, if one has to be insane to visit DLP in July or August, then I must be well overdue for the men in white coats to carry me off, as I have been going there in summer holidays since it opened as EuroDisney with just the one park.
There are only a few rides there which have height requirements - most rides are suitable for children over 1 yr, and some are also fine to take babies on.

It is very difficult for other people to say which rides your children will enjoy the most, as so much depends on the individual - some kids are braver than others. My 3 yr old nephew thought Fantasyland was too babyish, and wanted to go on Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor, and Pirates of the Caribbean rides all the time! He was very upset that he could not go on the roller coasters like his older brothers. If Tower of Terror had been built then, he would have gone on that as well....

Some young children are more easily scared, and prefer calmer rides, so it is very much a case of knowing your own family. My eldest son loved BTM when he was young, but my younger one was not keen until he was about 7.
The Snow White ride in Fantasyland can be scary for some as it features the Wicked Queen and dark forest.

There are plenty of rides, attractions, shows and parades for all the family in both parks. Adults can go on everything apart from the two kids play areas in the Disneyland Park, as these have maximum height restrictions, and only for small children. One parent can take a young child to play here for a while, and the other can take an older child on some rides. Our boys have a 4 1/2 yr age difference, so we used to spend some time together going on rides, and some separately so each child could choose what they wanted to do.

Disney do something called Babyswitch - this means that parents with a younger child or children who are too small to ride can take it in turns to ride whilst the other stays with them. An older child can go with each parent, so can have two rides. Just ask the Cast Member ( staff ) at the ride entrance, and they will explain what to do. We can also explain on the Trip Advisor Disneyland Paris / Marne La Vallee forum, as well as any other help you need with planning your trip.

Figgygirl Fri 10-Jun-11 05:42:29

In Summer Time, the Studios Park usually closes at 7pm, although they may do a few 9pm days. The main park closes at 11pm after Fantillusion electrical parade at 10.25pm followed by fireworks over the ( newly refurbished ) castle at 11pm. This is also when ride entrances close.
The parade in the Studios is around 5pm, but the main Once Upon A Dream Parade in the DL Park is usually around 7pm at this time of year.

Have early breakfast, then use Extra Magic Hours from 8am to do selected rides in Fantasyland and Discoveryland before the park gets busier, if you are staying in a Disney owned hotel. Also use Fastpasses on rides with that facility to avoid long queues.

We used to go back to the hotel after lunch if it was very hot, so the boys could have a swim, then go back into the park around teatime until closing. The park takes on a very different atmosphere at night, with all the lights, and feels more Magical to me.

If you are not staying in resort, you can use the bars and lounges in any of the Disney hotels if you need a break during the day. They usually have Characters in the Disneyland Hotel lobby around 4pm.

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