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Eurocamp BEL near Trache Sur La Mer any tips?

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JohnniesBitch Thu 09-Jun-11 12:18:52

We've booked to go her ein July as reviews make it seem like its a relativley small site with a fair few activities for the children aged 13,9 and 5 not so much the 22 month old.
Anyone have any recommendations for days out around the area? the boys aged 13 and 9 are very much into surfing and body boarding and o hopefully the weather will be nice enough to spend the vast majority of it on the beach.
Also its been a few years since i've been to france other than Disney (which doesn't count imo) and I am not sure how much money i will need to take. HOw much would an average meal out be?
We are staying in a tent so not planning on cooking many meals and if anythign just making sandwiches to take to the beach.


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