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st lucia in september?

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fairycakes Wed 16-Nov-05 12:27:03

anyone been then and is it a good time to go or not?! thanks

Caribbeanqueen Wed 16-Nov-05 12:29:18

It's still hurricane season, so you would have to take that into account. It's also hot season. November - April is probably the best time, but it depends if you are willing to risk a hurricane/tropical storm.

fairycakes Wed 16-Nov-05 20:18:13

its for our honeymoon and we need to go straight after wedding so cant go another time unfortunately. caribbeanqueen do you know much about st lucia? if so can you recommend anywhere to stay? (along the honeymoon line!)

bettythebuilder Wed 16-Nov-05 21:10:06

It is hurricane season. If you are going from UK you may be better off going east ie Malaysia, Thailand etc and save St Lucia for another hol at a different time of year.

Caribbeanqueen Wed 16-Nov-05 21:12:16

I'm afraid I don't know much about St Lucia, have never stayed for any real length of time. I know they have a Sandals, if that's your kind of thing! should have lots of info.

princesspeahead Wed 16-Nov-05 21:15:15

i wouldn't go in sept. not only is it hurricane season, it is PEAK hurricane season.

why don't you think about somewhere like dubai, oman, india, sri lanka instead?

having said that, good honeymoon hotels in st lucia include Anse Chastenet (lovely), Ladera resort, and the Jalousie is probably very nice too but I haven't been there. avoid the ones in the north of the island. cruise shippy, family oriented and pretty horrible landscape compared to the stunning jungles and pitons of the south. still wouldnt' go in september though! hth.

aloha Wed 16-Nov-05 21:27:03

Doesn't Anse Chastenet have rooms in the rocks with one 'wall' completely open to the elements? I know someone who spent an entire night cowering under her bedcover as bats flew overhead there. Yikes.
Jalousi is nice, though found the service too fawning for my personal taste. I think Windjammer Landing is nice.
Ladera is lovely.
Met dh in St Lucia so it holds fond memories.

marthamoo Wed 16-Nov-05 21:28:32

I hate this sort of thread. Why does no-one ever want to know about Stockport, or Cardiff? I am so poorly travelled <<<sigh>>>

aloha Wed 16-Nov-05 21:28:36

Memory playing tricks! It's Ladera that has the bizarre 'open walls' which I didn't like AT ALL. Anse Chastenet is nice.
I know nothing of hurricanes.

aloha Wed 16-Nov-05 21:29:08

I went for 'work'. Ah, those were the days!

marthamoo Wed 16-Nov-05 21:30:03

That's obviously where I went wrong - my work travel involved bus rides into Manchester.

cod Wed 16-Nov-05 21:30:08

Message withdrawn

alux Wed 16-Nov-05 21:32:28

aw, yes, it is peak hurricane season. tho, the storms in sept and oct form in the western caribbean, closer to the coast of central and south america and then they track north and west, away from st lucia. st lucia is considered to be in the eastern caribbean, away from that zone so sept may be a good time anyway.

LIZS Wed 16-Nov-05 21:33:51

St Lucia is probably one of the less hurricane prone parts of the Caribbean. dh went to Grand Cayman on business end of July last year - it was v v hot - and 6 weeks later it was devastated by a hurricane. Personally I wouldn't chance it, especially for a honeymoon, at that time of year.

bettythebuilder Wed 16-Nov-05 21:46:06

Sounds like Cleethorpes might be better, then.

lapsedrunner Thu 17-Nov-05 12:33:27

I would love to stay at Le Sport in St Lucia, some friends went there on their honeymooon and loved it.

mummymojo Tue 29-Nov-05 23:30:12

I went to St Lucia in September 2004 6 months pregnant and with a 15 month baby - just after Grenada had been hit by a Hurricane - and everything was fine. There are no guarantees but usually this region are not really affected too badly by Hurricanes.
I stayed at Rex St Lucian, but you could also use Rex Papillion -both were great and very accommodating of little ones and fat women!!!!
If you want to see the island don't take the tours - hire a cab really cheap and they will show you the sites and watch over your little one if he/ she is asleep in the car.

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