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Urgent help-booked dream villa and there's building work next door! WWYD?

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KateMiddletonsMum Thu 02-Jun-11 05:06:30

I booked entire family (5 adults, 2 DCs) to this villa in Cyprus, been booked over a year. Been saving since last May.

Got here and builders start at 6.30am on the neighbouring two villas. They are building garages and pools, there's the road blocked off regularly by huge cement mixers and a gigantic cement pump.

We've complained to the letting agent who said the owner never informed them so they've offered us two alternative properties but they are much further out of resort, we have 2 DC's under 6 here and my Gran who is 87, so we must be in walking distance!

So. Do we ask for compensation? As this was booked on the Internet the letting agent isn't abta bonded or anything, and as this wasn't booked as a package (they didn't arrange flights) they can't be classed as a Tour Operator, however they did book transfers, does that count?

The builders probably won't work weekends so that's 10 out of 14 days of our holidays that will be affected by the noise and dust and inconvenience.

Any advice would be most welcome, thanks!

frenchfancy Thu 02-Jun-11 06:37:34

I think you would be entitled to some compensation, but whether you will get it I don't know.

You should write a letter to the agent explaining the problems, and also explaining why you don't want to move to the alternative accommodation. Get some evidence whilst you are there, photos, and if possible video.

Try and enjoy your holiday as much as you can. Also bear in mind that unless the neighbouring villas are owned by the same person the owner probably didn't know about the building work either.

KateMiddletonsMum Thu 02-Jun-11 15:49:33

Thank you FF, the agents are contacting the owners now. They say he's offering 30% off a future holiday, not much help as this villa sleeps 8 and I can't afford it again next year..ho hum!
Nothing stopping me enjoying the sunshine tho smile

CestTout Fri 03-Jun-11 11:41:16

Could you ask for the owner to pay for a hire car for you to enable you to move to a different villa but still be able to get to towns etc?

weetabox Fri 03-Jun-11 16:14:48

The owner has no obligation to do anything. You have booked a DIY holiday not a package holiday through an ATOL travel agent. If you had they'd have to inform you of building works onsite, or close by that would cause disruption to your holiday, before your arrival and arrange a suitable alternative, or a full refund. You are not in that position I'm sorry to say.

I would go back to the agent again. Ask about other more suitable properties, say his offer is not acceptable in the circumstances and the building dust is in the villa ( if it is). I expect the agents website have a get a get out clause for loss of enjoyment to building works, not our responsisbility.....etc. Websites can put what they like, but it still has to be legal, otherwise it's invalid.

Who did you book through? website?

If you have holiday insurance, call them straight away and ask what to do, you may be covered and could get the agent to arrange an alternative and then claim the cost of the original villa back through your insurance.

Decide if you want compensation or to be moved. Don't take a discount for a future stay that will then void any claim for compensation on this stay. Plus the owner knows you might never ever go back.

If you change villas, you'll have to get new transfers back. This is somethign yout should keep receipts for as you may be able to claim that back from your holiday insurance.

weetabox Fri 03-Jun-11 16:35:38

Don't forget to mention you'll be adding a review on the agent site and on tripadvisor on your return wink

I hope you can start to enjoy some of your holiday soon.

We booked an apartment once and the electricity got cut off for 4 days. Owner compensation was full cost refunded for the days without power. Bedtime by candle light and no Air con or hot water, fridge - food ruined. Rubbish.

KateMiddletonsMum Tue 07-Jun-11 19:06:36

The owner has offered €200 and the agents €100. Considering this cost €3300 (for three families) I think it's a bit of an insult!
The agents are saying that it's not the owners fault or their fault. And that nobody complained before. And that they offered us 3 alternatives but they were unsuitable, so that's not their fault either.

Yes the villas were unsuitable as 7 people including 2 under 5's and my 87yr old gran need to be central and have more than 2 bathrooms AND be secure, not have building works leading right down to the beach.


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