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Eri Sun, Crete, HELP!

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mrmump Wed 01-Jun-11 22:00:37

I just dont know what to do! We're off there in 2 weeks and I cant find anything but bad reviews. When I went into Thomas Cook to find a holiday my main criteria was a kids club. The brochure says it has one but all the recent reviews says that it doesnt. It will cost me £70 per person to change hotels. Do I have grounds to complain? I dont want to go, I dont want to dissapoint the children.

rookiemater Fri 03-Jun-11 13:19:12

Have you spoken to Thomas Cook about this? If you have and they are unwilling to budge then if its got bad reviews and no kids club then better paying the £70 per person up front than having a bad holiday.
It is annoying we booked somewhere with a kids club ( because DS is an only and he loves them) but it was only open for 1.5 hours per day as one of the staff had left.

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