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Hungary with 10MO for a wedding: what advice?

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Antidote Wed 01-Jun-11 09:47:23

We have been invited to a wedding of an old friend in Lake Balaton, Hungary. It is on August 27th (saturday of bank holiday weekend).

I am keen to go, but am finding the idea of a 2 hr flight & then approx 2 hrs in a coach/taxi/hire car or train to the final destination a bit daunting.

I am going to have to take minimal time off work, so we will probably travel on the Friday and back on Sunday or Monday.

DS will be 10 1/2 months by then. He is already crawling and does not like sitting still.

TBH I am probably more worried about the non-flight travel than the actual logistics of flying.

I am assuming we are going to need to take the buggy and the car seat, unless we can take him on a coach with a car seat?

Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Any advice?


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