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peugeot 807/citroen C8 - anyone got a roof box for these cars?

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ernest Mon 14-Nov-05 17:24:46

I'm thinking of getting a roof box for a peugeot 807. It has 2 roof bars fitted at the back when not in use & that can be separated & moved up the roof of the car to required position. sorry, I'm not too technical! I've been told conflicting things about the roof bars. Are they good enough to carry a roof box/attatch the roof box to, or would I need to buy additional roof bars? Anyone know for sure?? And if they can't, what the hell are they for??

LIZS Mon 14-Nov-05 17:44:50

When we lived in CH our neighbours had an 807 and had a roofbox fitted by the dealer. Don't know how much it costs though and it may need ot be ordered. If you are in the Zurich area try the Peugeot garage on Seestrasse in Horgen (just past the turning up to Dow iirc).

ernest Mon 14-Nov-05 17:49:17

ta lizs - we were going to get one in Germanyas much cheaper, but they reckeon we'd need additional roof bars, while UK site I spoke to think not but are not sure. I spoke to peugeot garage & they just say we should get proper peugeot one which is more than twice the price, and doesn't look as good

LIZS Mon 14-Nov-05 18:12:12

Have you tried the small ads on, and or There is also another Swiss site similar to ebay but can't remember its name. I expect a Thule box would fit but you may be right about needing their bars too.

ernest Mon 14-Nov-05 21:16:08

bump bump bump bumpety bump.

ta lizs, i'll have a look at those.

I would really like to hear from someone who has a Peugeot 807. c'mon there must be someone out there, this is important!!!!

Ndem Sat 13-Feb-16 09:26:36

My Citroen c8 has a memory issue, computers can no longer read it, I don't know how to get another brain box , I need d help of someone out there.

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