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Best family resorts/hotels in Balearics

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wubblybubbly Sun 29-May-11 16:48:17

We're looking to get away for a week at the end of July. I really want something to entertain a 4 year old, so nice pools, close to the beach, prefer somewhere that doesn't do all inclusive.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good family resorts and hotels? We really don't want to spend too much over £1k for the 3 of us. Cheers grin

wubblybubbly Sun 29-May-11 19:46:12

Has anyone stayed in Camp De Mar? I'm looking at the Villa Real, which looks really good value.

ckny1 Fri 03-Jun-11 09:31:16

Hi Wubbly, we haven't stayed at Camp de Mar, but 2 yrs ago DH and I went to Formentera (a 30 min ferry ride from Ibiza) and stayed at the Riu Hotel, which seemed perfect for children (and the ocean was literally in the backyard!) We hope to go there again this September/October with our 3 mo, who will be 7 mo at the time.

They had lots of activities for young people, and for adults. They also have bungalos. Not sure of the cost at this time of year, though, and doubt that £1k would cut it for July. Check Thompsons or Tui, or other cheaper companies. Hope you find something reasonable and fun! smile

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 10:15:51

Thank you ckny, that sounds lovely actually. I'm not sure I've even heard of Formentera blush I imagine it's beautiful, I shall google grin

We can go over the £1k, but would rather not if we can avoid it. Although I'd rather pay a few hundred more though, to make sure we get a wonderful holiday.

I think I'm going to need to devote an afternoon to calling travel agents to see what they can come up with, so many thanks for replying, I now have another option to explore.

Putthatbookdown Fri 03-Jun-11 20:17:41

We like Cala D'Or in Mallorca- nice coves rather than miles of beach .Good facilities for Mum and Dad -plenty of pleasant restaurants in pedestrianised area.Not tacky. Good walks - pushchair friendly Only snag is that it is quite a way from the airport Rocamarina Hotel is good but not near centre but has its own beach and still plenty going on there

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 20:23:40

Thanks Putthatbookdown.

Cala D'Or is on my short list I think confused Cala Millor seems to come up quite a lot, but I think it sounds a bit....blackpool maybe? Nowt wrong with that of course, but not what I'm looking for really.

I've got in touch with a friend who works at Thomas Cook and I'm going to get her on the case, but all recommendations are really appreciated.

I've never been to any of the Balearics, I'm hoping they're not much like the canaries!

didldidi Fri 03-Jun-11 20:24:24

I found it loads cheaper to book flights and hotel separately for Majorca this year btw. Flights with easyjet and hotel through Travel Republic. Both workeed really well.

didldidi Fri 03-Jun-11 20:25:02

workeed? worked!

Putthatbookdown Fri 03-Jun-11 20:29:11

Forget the Rocamarina Hotel- it is no longerfamily orientated but Tripadvisor has reviews of others in Cala D'or _No it is not as bad as the Canaries down there Whatever you do do not go to Calas De mallorca a resortnear there. It is awful and characterless though I dont doubt they cater for families

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 20:36:56

I usually go that route didl and wouldn't object to doing it again, though I do quite fancy being extremely lazy and letting someone else sort out all the timings/transfers for me.

I suppose it depends on the savings though, I'd rather spend extra money on a quality hotel.

Have any of you been all inclusive before? I don't know how I feel about it. We're not massive drinkers (a few glasses of wine does me) and I'm not sure how I'd feel if everyone around us was on mission for skinful.

Though I have to admit, I just love the idea of seeing a fake Elvis, Elton and Drifters blush so not that classy!

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 20:41:13

Brilliant Putthatbookdown, that's the sort of stuff I need to know!

I think I read that Calas De Mallorca had strong sea currents too, so that put me off a bit too.

I also quite fancied Ibiza, Es Cana or Santa Eulalia looked nice from memory, but I'd hate to end up in a club 18-30 resort, been there, done that shock

mosschops30 Fri 03-Jun-11 20:46:34

Cala dor is lovely, we would deffo go back, lovely marina, lots of restaurant choice.
Can also recommend cala n bosch in menorca.

Cala millor is very blackpool, ditto sa coma.

myalias Fri 03-Jun-11 20:49:14

Cala D'Or is perfect for little ones. Plenty to do in the evenings - street entertainers, amusement parks and good restaurants to choose from.

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 21:01:18

Oh Cala D'Or does sound exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the heads up on Sa Coma mosschops, I've just crossed that off my list. I'll check out Cala n bosch too, I think my friend may have been there and loved it.

Is Alcudia a no no too? It's touted as a family resort but then some of the things I've read make me wonder.

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 21:29:37

Found this in Cala D'dor, through Expedia

It sounds nice, good reviews on Trip Advisor, has air con (very important!) and just over £1k for the 3 of us going end July.

Has anyone been to the Sol Cala D'or apartments? I'm so tempted to book now, but should maybe hold on til I've spoken to my friend confused

Waswondering Fri 03-Jun-11 21:36:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

didldidi Fri 03-Jun-11 21:52:22

we just came back from all inclusive in Puerto Pollensa - Majorca (we won't talk about the weather!) and as it was a family/sporty hotel there were only a couple of single sex couples that we could see - and these were older ladies! it worked really well as our kids our fussy eaters and we didn't have to worry about ordering food in restaurants that they then didn't eat. It was mostly buffet service that they could pick and chose what they want. It also included ice creams and soft drinks in our mini bar.

Waswondering Fri 03-Jun-11 22:01:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wubblybubbly Fri 03-Jun-11 22:11:59

Waswondering, the dishes is a very, very good point. That might just swing it for me!

MrsAFlowerpot Sun 05-Jun-11 14:04:56

Just to say another vote for Cala D'or. We also stayed AI in the Cala Gran, which is literally right on the beach and was fab for us and our DD - who is a very active 2yo!

didldidi Mon 06-Jun-11 15:08:46

our kids wouldn't eat any of the cereals because the milk tasted different!

wubblybubbly Mon 06-Jun-11 20:08:02

So the overwhelming response seems to be Cala D'Or and that AI is actually a good deal?

Thank you for all the replies, I honestly don't think I would have gone that route without all of your advice.

I've stopped looking online now, I just want to click on 'buy me' grin I must wait until I've talked to my friend. We've not had a foreign 'sun' holiday for 4 years, so I want to get it right.

seb1 Tue 07-Jun-11 15:50:55

We stayed here in 2010 and it was nice Sa Marina also reviewed on MN in 2007 Review

wubblybubbly Tue 07-Jun-11 17:28:23

That sounds lovely Seb, just exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm working on a list to give to my TA friend. So far I've got Cala D'or, quality accommodation, comfy beds, good kids pool, kids club, tea/coffee facilities, close to beach, air con. Tribute acts a bonus grin

Fimbo Tue 07-Jun-11 17:31:57

We stayed at Santa Tomas in Menorca which has a Thomson Superfamily hotel - Victoria Playa. It was a nice resort especially with a child and definately not Club 18-30. If you do end up with Menorca do not go anywhere Calan'forcat, that is most definately Blackpool in the sun!

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