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Eurocamp mobile home holiday in France-what to take?

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Cantdothisagain Sat 28-May-11 21:43:21

We're going on a Eurocamp holiday to northern France, staying in a mobile home. First time doing this sort of holiday; I know the weather could well be awful but the campsite has indoor pool etc and hopefully we and two small DCs will have fun regardless. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips about what to take with us, and what it would be easiest to leave to buy there. TIA if anyone has experience of this sort of holiday and can help. PS- if you've been on this kind of holiday and hated it, I think I'd rather not know... Thanks!

rosy71 Sun 29-May-11 08:47:23

We found that the mobile homes were very well equpipped with everything you could possibly need! The bedding provided is only blankets though and you have to book linen packs through them to get sheets and pillow cases or take your own. If you don't fancy blankets, it's probably worth taking your own bedding. There're also no TVs in the mobile homes.

In the swimming pools men have to wear speedo style trunks - shorts are not allowed.

I can't think of anything else atm! Where are you going? We've been to a few sites in Northern France.

dreamingofsun Sun 29-May-11 10:00:02

which site are you going to? all the ones we've been to allow shorts - though i know it can be a problem. i always buy a detailed map of the area as you can find some lovely beaches off the beaten track with no-one on them.

does it have a coolbox? we had loads of picnics as the food was great for that. maybe take a sharp knive as their's are blunt. do you get an umbrella?

when they are older a badminton set works well

their baked beans are awful and i normally take tea bags and powdered gravy

MmeBlueberry Sun 29-May-11 10:08:52

We always hire linens and towels on this type of holiday.

We usually have to buy a sharp knife. We also buy cleaning supplies.

We take beach towels, something to put laundry in (eg Ikea blue bag) and travel adapters.

You will need some toys for your little ones.

You can buy everything locally in the hypermarkets.

Cantdothisagain Sun 29-May-11 10:25:38

Thank you both for replying! We are taking sleeping bags - it has just occurred to me that we will need pillows or pillow cases too. Do they usually have pillows?

We are going to les mouettes near roscoff, as we live pretty much as far away as it is possible to live in England from the south coast, so after a 400 mile trip from home to Plymouth we thought we would cut down on driving on France. Also we are actually going with keycamp, not eurocamp. I wrote eurocamp in the op because I was trying to cover my tracks - in an old mn nickname had a stalker - but really I don't think anyone is that interested in the details of my holiday! rosy, the info says speedo type trunks are needed but on all the publicity photos you can see men in normal swimming shorts... so I don't know what the situation is there....
Baked beans etc are a good idea, thanks.
Do you think we need wellies etc for the kids?
I will check on the parasol situation.
Thanks again for the advice!

Cantdothisagain Sun 29-May-11 10:35:15

Cross posted with mme blueberry - do you think it'd better then to hire linen rather than take sleeping bags? I said no to the linen but can amend booking whenever, I think.
I should check but am sure there's no cool box. We will take ice packs and cool bag. We probably don't have space for a box as we still have a one year old who needs pushchair etc....

MmeBlueberry Sun 29-May-11 10:41:00

We always do as space in the car is very limited for us, and it is also one less thing to worry about.

We never had a problem with baggy swim shorts. You don't see many people in trunks. They tend to wear fitted shorts, like short cycling shorts.

rosy71 Sun 29-May-11 11:49:37

Pillows are provided, but you will need pillow cases. I think the linen packs might include towels, but only one per pack so you will need your own too.

We usually take basics like tea bags, baked beans etc You can buy most things in local supermarkets though.

Wellies could be a good idea in case it is wet. We've always had a table with a parasol/umbrella provided if that's what you mean by umbrella.

dreamingofsun Sun 29-May-11 12:47:42

not been to mouettes. have you looked in brochure or online as you will probably find a detailed equipment list for the home. we've always had a roof box or very large car so taken our own linen - can work out expensive otherwise. sleeping bags work well for kids as less hassle. there will be a washing machine onsite so i normally only take clothes for a week.

if you look at you will probably find reviews for the site and they might tell you about trunk situation

wellies good idea. if you are unlucky sites can get very muddy in bad weather.

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 13:18:35

Take a bath mat for the bathroom. Second the sharp knife. Pack your clothes in Ikea bags or similar. There is limited storage space. These fold down to nothing and can be used for shopping, laundry, taking towels etc to the pool/beach. You can squeeze them a bit in the boot too. I take tea bags.

MmeBlueberry Sun 29-May-11 13:24:13

If you want music, take your own speakers/dock.

Take laptop and/or DVD player plus DVDs.

Think about what you will do in the evenings if you are back early from or don't go to the evening entertainment. We read a lot and usually get a jigsaw to last the week. Age appropriate board games and a pack of playing cards can be useful.

dreamingofsun Sun 29-May-11 13:48:15

agree board games good if it rains - we've always borrowed these from the keycamp reception. we also buy the french supermarket re-useable bags as they used to be better/cheaper than uk ones

they will send you a pack a few weeks before you go which you will find useful. don't forget headlight adaptors and you also need a triangle warning sign and reflective jackets in the car accessible for each person - the keycamp pack will tell you about it.

phrase book unless you are fluent. comes in handy when you have to explain that the car park barrier wasn't down when you arrived and it didn't give you a ticket!!

great holiday for young kids. i'm jealous. we are now on more advanced teenager hols

agree lots of books/magazines good idea. we never needed adaptor plugs as uk sockets

Cantdothisagain Sun 29-May-11 18:30:45

Thank you all so much for the tips. I've been compiling a list (sad or what?!). We've already had the parcel from Keycamp, complete with local map and GB sticker, etc. I've not had an inventory though of what's in the caravan- just checked the brochure. We have got outdoor decking with table and parasol, and we appear to have a CD player. No TV but we have portable DVD players for the car which we can use in the caravan too.

Two silly questions now... brochure says caravans (referring generically to all countries) use UK or continental sockets. Anyone know which one in France would be likely to use? Also, do caravans usually have some sort of safety deposit box?

We won't be going to evening entertainment much as we have young DCs who - even if we keep them up by sticking to British summertime (IYSWIM) we won't be up very late with them. I love reading, jigsaws and cards, so will be taking as many novels as space allows- jigsaw and cards are a great idea.

Am ridiculously excited, on the one hand, and on the other, realize that it isn't exactly going to be restful. But there's a fantastic looking indoor pool, lots of play areas, good reviews on Mnet and Trip Advisor.... and wine and cheese... what more do we need?!

Thanks again everyone.

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 18:57:22

The mobiles that I have stayed in with Canvas and Siblu had both UK and euro sockets. A couple of adaptors would come in handy. No safety deposit box in the mobile,but I think usually you can do this at reception. I have never bothered myself.

I always kept dd up later on holiday mind. Depends on the child of course, but there is always loads going on and I found she slept/sleeps later after a late night visit to the baby disco. And when smaller, was more willing to settle for a siesta in the afternoon - a good idea if it is hot.

Mind you, last year - the first morning at Parc Albatros, I was awoken at 7am to find 6 yo dd fully dressed and eating a pyrex dish of rice crispies - she was so excited at going to the kids club! I wish she would do that on school mornings!

crockydoodle Sun 29-May-11 19:33:53

We're going to Brittany too in 4 wks time. Some of the things on my list:
Driving licences, passports, car reg book and insurance. EHIC Cards.
Sat Nav, torch.
Tea bags, ketchup, hp sauce, baked beans, salt and pepper.
Kitchen roll. toilet roll, dishcloth, teatowels, sleeping bags for kids, pillowcases, sheets I will probably bring a light duvet for us.
First aid kit, spare bulbs, reflective vests, headlamp converters,
I also brought my netbook last time and there was free wifi at our campsite so I could check the news at home. Every day I typed up a few sentences about what we did that day, what time we left and arrived places, etc. This has been very useful for planning this year's trip. It's lovely to read back and remember things that you forgot you had done.
And don't forget the camera!
You will have a brilliant time. This is our 4th time and my dh and 4dc are so excited to be going back. There is loads to do

Cantdothisagain Sun 29-May-11 20:36:16

Thanks for that list, Crockydoodle- really helpful. And the positivity!

Porto, I guess you might be right about keeping the kids up. DD2 is just turned one, though, so not sure. DD1 would love to be up late but I can't see me managing to get her to try a siesta. Hmm. I will give it my best shot. Are you going to France this year again? Love the image of your DD excited about the kids club. Ours are too young for the kids clubs this year, sadly.

I seem much more excited than DH. Think he would prefer a quiet gite in the country. Oh well- the kids will love the activities on site!

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 21:01:46

Yes - we are off to France this year - in about 5 weeks I think! Yay! We are off to the Languedoc, to La Carabasse with Siblu. How old is dd1? We went away when dd was less than year old. I used to put her in her PJs and go out for a stroll of an evening. More often than not she would sleep in the buggy.

When she was 15 months we had our honeymoon in Sardinia. We used to go out every other night, after feeding her tea. She would sleep, or more often get fussed over by waiters, be taken to see the fish tank or something. She loved baby disco! In all the years since (she is 7 now) we have mostly done campsite hols. We tend to alternate eating out, cooking and going for a drink after the pool and getting takeway.

I just play it by ear really - and all kids are different. You might find that everyone is still up and out and your kids are happy to fit in, or they might be a nightmare and really tired....

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 21:03:50

Plus I think after a day at the beach or in the pool they tend to sleep well wink

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 21:06:31

Another thought - dd hated the shower when she was little. The campsite shower places had facilities for bathing babies, but we bought an inflatable boat, filled it with warm water and bubbles and bathed her al fresco. She loved it!

Cantdothisagain Sun 29-May-11 21:11:36

Porto, the boat idea is inspired! DD1 hates showers. She's three and a half. I think she would love an inflatable boat fullstop anyway! Have asked for a babybath from Keycamp that can put DD2 in, but don't think DD1 would fit/appreciate it....

I used to live in the Languedoc region, many years ago. It's lovely. And more or less guaranteed weather. You'll have a fab time.

I doubt we will eat out much in the evening but am tempted by takeaways. And picnic type suppers. DD1 is v fussy but loves bread, cheese and tomatoes, so that's all good....

KnobCheese Sun 29-May-11 21:13:33

pegs . usually there are a couple on the clothes line thingy but you will need more for all the swimmers etc.

KnobCheese Sun 29-May-11 21:16:52

whats with all this baked bean malarky??? French food is divine, and if you are cooking your own, the best meal we enjoy is ratatouille with some lovely fresh local meat. Or eat out, you can't beat it.

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 29-May-11 21:17:04

Nothing to add because we are going for the first time this Summer (to Pointe St Gilles in Brittany). The boat idea is inspired Porto. Ds is 18 months and is petrified of the shower !

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 21:20:13

And you can drink wine on the terrace whilst they splash about. Super holiday bonus grin

Portofino Sun 29-May-11 21:20:58

And you can take said boat to the pool too.

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