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Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca

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bluestar Thu 02-Oct-03 10:42:15

For all of you that have recommended Puerto Pollensa before, I want to go in spring and wanted any recommendations for accommodation and where the best place is to be sited (near the new beach / marina / pine walk). There will be me, dh and ds (aged 3). I have got the brochure for Pollensa Pines, which is great, but wondered if there were any other good places to stay, want something small, 2 beds max and close to beach. Also, is the public lido any good? Thanks alot.

Tasa Thu 02-Oct-03 10:55:42

look at website under private villas and apprtments to rent- scroll down and there's lots to choose form there at reasonable rate one in particular is pretty central in a good spot it's under the heading pine walk and is a two bedroomed one and reasonable. It's in a good spot. Pine walk is the nicest spot but expensive, this one is near .Hope that helps

elliott Thu 02-Oct-03 11:15:58

bluestar, also looking around for stuff next easter - can you tell me something about pollensa pines?

bluestar Thu 02-Oct-03 11:59:40 (or Company represents owners of apartments/villas. Great brochure with detailed location map and info of properties. 2004 prices not yet published but 2003 brochure will give you a good idea. Have also looked at which has some good places to stay at reasonable prices. Not been to this area before but it looks good and other mumsnetters have recommended.

marialuisa Thu 02-Oct-03 13:00:57

We went to Porta Pollensa at the beginning of September so here goes:

I would recommend being near the beach but at the opposite end of the main strip (i.e. away from the Marina), probably what you refer to as the pine Walk. The beach is narrower but it's a bit less resorty somehow.

The water is incredibly shallow, if you sprinkle breadcrumbs into the sea shoals of wish will swarm around you. DD loved this.

The public lido is fine but I'm not sure it will be open in early spring. My dad bases himself near Porta Pollensa from April onwards and although the weather is generally warmer than here, by Mallorquin standards it's freezing!

Make sure you hire a car, there's not a lot to do in Porta pollensa if it's raining but lots of places are easy to get to. Some such as Palma are fine by bus, but there's a reduced service until June and the roundabout routes really add to journey time. The buses get really full so it's not fun with a squirming toddler!

There is a decent soft play/ball pool near the main post office. They can also organise baby-sitting. Again, unsure of winter opening times.

Definitely try to rent an apartment privately, but not in Llenaire/Gotmar as these are a bit too far out with a toddler.

Hope some of that's of interest, if there's anything else, post away! My dad is Mallorquin and spends most of the year out there so if I'm not sure i can ask him!

bluestar Thu 02-Oct-03 14:15:00

Thanks marialuisa, your comments are useful. Might look at travelling a bit later to catch the warmer weather and to ensure that more things are open.

triplets Fri 03-Oct-03 23:00:47

We actually used to own an apartment in Pollensa until the birth of my trio! We did go back last year and rented an apartment right opposite the beach for a month. The location was wonderful, but we went to early as the weather was very cold and wet the first two weeks and around 70 the remainder, we went end of April though to May. Pollensa Pines are a good company, but also look in the Lady Magazine, often people with apts in the Pinaret developement advertise, that where we were, nice area, minutes from the beach and from lovely restaurants. Let me know if you want any help!

bluestar Thu 15-Jan-04 12:30:21

Hi back again and looking to try and book somewhere soon for May. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to walk from one end of Pine Walk to the Marina? Just interested as have been looking at apartments and their location and would like to know walking distance for toddlers (need buggy or not). Thanks.

Pacific Thu 15-Jan-04 12:40:33

Bluestar, some of the others have mentioned about the weather at that time of year. We went to Mallorca in April last year and it really was pretty awful. We only had one or two days that were warm enough to go out without coats and a lot of the time it rained. There was also a constant high wind, gale force at times. We may have just been unlucky but it can get hard going if you are stuck in your accomodation unable to go out. Sorry.

marialuisa Thu 15-Jan-04 13:11:42

I'd say about 10 mins to walk with child in buggy, otherwise, how long have you got ?i'm not ready to give up on buggies yet so I'd say take one, will be handy if you go out for drinks late and so on. definitely aim for late May, rather than early May, if you can.

marialuisa Thu 15-Jan-04 13:40:57

Oh, should add that it might be worth getting some of those swimshoes for the kids. DD had a parasite in her leg; got in threw a graze on the back of her heel when she was playing on the beach/in the sea. Dad seems to think it's less unusual there than other places.

bluestar Tue 20-Jan-04 12:21:39

Thanks for all your help. Finally booked an apartment last weekend, right on the beach on Pine Walk. Any recommendations for good restaurants with small children in tow?

marialuisa Tue 20-Jan-04 13:25:18

I can't remember the name but there's a very nice italian place just behind the pine Walks (as you walk towards the main drag). There's a more spanish style resaturant opposite and a mimimarket 9very small) next door. Bizzarely there's a very good indian called Everest near the Marina, think it's opposite the Basque superm,arket (euroski?). TBH I can't think of any decent Malorquin restaurants in town If you get desperate the tex-Mex on the square is defo open all year round and does very good meals including chicken nuggets and chips!!!

I'll try and remember a few names for you, have a good trip though.

triplets Fri 30-Jan-04 22:47:35

Oh I have eaten many a good meal in Pollensa, you really are spoilt for choice, but my all time favourite is Tangos just off the market square. Manolo has run this for 15 years and its always the same staff which is nice. It looks quite posh but its very relaxed, they love kids have live nice music, you can dance under the stars and the food is superb!

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