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Wotznotnow Mon 23-May-11 13:05:05 has ceased trading 23 May 2011.
Don't book today - website still live at present time.

It was an Atol holder and Abta member and was also an Iata agent.

Dreamticket is the third-biggest UK operator to the Maldives and it specialised in the Indian Ocean and destinations in the Middle East such as Dubai.

Wotznotnow Mon 23-May-11 13:13:38

mumoverseas MOS
tell me you haven't got a booking with them....

Wotznotnow Mon 23-May-11 14:28:10

Selsdon Travel Ltd has gone into administration. website is now offline.
Use the CAA website for claims - I expect details will be up in the next 24 - 48 hrs. Make sure you have the ATOL Receipt of Confirmation of you booking. The CAA require this.


Company Name:Selsdon Travel Ltd
ATOL Number:3994
Address:17 Scarbrook Road

Telephone:020 84067254
Web Sites:

Trading Names:
Decadent Journeys

myproblemblob Mon 23-May-11 14:56:43

I have been getting quotes off them today... thank you so much for telling me!! so naughty of them as last week they sent out £50 off vouchers to be used by May 22nd that can't be legal can it??

Wotznotnow Mon 23-May-11 15:19:46

myproblemblob :0

I'm not sure if the staff knew when they turned up for work today.

The discount voucher is another matter - coincidentally odd that book by date was yesterday.

Wotznotnow Thu 26-May-11 10:51:31

bump - incase anyone needs to claim
ATOL Tour Operator Failures - CAA claim form
Failure of Selsdon Travel Ltd
Selsdon Travel Ltd -ATOL 3994 trading as ‘

fruitycaasarina Sun 29-May-11 09:10:52

Another company has bought the assest Selsdon.
TropcalSky say they will honor the booking but if they say you have to pay more, you are not required to pay them more or make a new booking with them. Any replacement booking is a new booking and bears no relation to your claim.

You can book your replacement elsewhere (maybe even cheaper than originally you paid) then claim back the amount lost following the h CAA's guidelines - see FAQ for making a claim. Section for downloading refund forms found here too.

fruitycaasarina Sun 29-May-11 09:11:59

They wanted to charge a friend of mine over £650 more to rebook. They booked somewhere else and are claiming back.

mumoverseas Sun 05-Jun-11 17:28:19

Wotznotnow just seen this grin Thank you for your concern but for once I am not jinxed! My next flight will be in 3 1/2 weeks with the wonderful BA and will BE ONE WAY TO THE UK! Hurrah! Leaving KSA FOREVER! Can't bloody wait!

2 questions for you. 1) Please tell me BA won't be on strike on 1st July and there will be no snow/volanic ash/tornados/tsunamis

2) Can I pre-book a bottle of finest champagne to be popped the minute we get out of KSA airspace?

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