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short-term flat rental, London?

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maomao Tue 30-Sep-03 17:30:34

Help! My family is descending upon London Oct. 11-18. One part of the family is renting a flat for the week in Kensington. I've just found out that another (sister and two nephews---5 and 7) may be coming as well. So now I need find accomodations for them (does not need to be in Kensington). Does anyone know of a short-term rental service or anything of that sort?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

janh Tue 30-Sep-03 17:59:30

maomao, this website has a list of different apartments, don't know how nice/expensive they are but there's quite a bit of choice. (If you google "London apartments" there are loads of websites!)

tamum Tue 30-Sep-03 18:00:54

We stayed in a "serviced apartment" in Emperor's Gate a few years ago. It wasn't luxurious, but it was fine. I can't find their own website, frustratingly, but there's a description of it here

maomao Tue 30-Sep-03 19:46:22

Oh thank you both SO much! I do appreciate it!

Crunchie Wed 01-Oct-03 10:07:56

I did a search for cheap hotel rooms and came up with the Citadenes (SP) apart-hotel which seemed quite reasonable for a group.

maomao Wed 01-Oct-03 10:37:47

Thanks Crunchie! (Your name makes me want chocolate... )

I think I have found a flat this morning. So thanks everyone for your help!

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