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Eight hours flight with a baby and toddler

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Pomi Sat 05-Nov-05 15:40:29

and I am on my own. How would i be able to manage? What was your experience in such condition? Do you have any tips?

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Superblastofflips Sat 05-Nov-05 15:41:03

ive never been there but GUD LUCK as you need it!!

Frizbe Sat 05-Nov-05 15:59:33

I take it toddler is over two, as they don't usually let you fly with two under 2 to one adult....
Rope in airport staff to help you get on and off plane, take buggy to gate, get kids meals on plane, take lots of extra nibbly bribery for both kids, take presents to open during flight to keep entertained, befriend stewards/stewardesses for extra arms and legs/ask to be seated near a surrogate granny, hope this helps, very good luck.

Pomi Sat 05-Nov-05 16:43:26

ds1 is 22 months but i bought him a seat and ds2 is 11 months. It is a night flight and i am hoping that both will go to sleep.

Surrogate granny thats a good advice.

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Milge Sat 05-Nov-05 17:29:48

I have to say I am surprised the airline are letting you fly. I was told by BA that I couldn't fly on my own with 23 month old twins. Please check this out with your airline so you don't encounter problems at check in.

lapsedrunner Sat 05-Nov-05 17:41:45

I have a friend who had two aged under 2 and she was not allowed to fly on her own with them. Check it out before it's too late! Her husband had to fly to the USA with her and then return to europe on his own 24 hours later.

Charlee Sat 05-Nov-05 19:26:30

I have just flown a 28hr flight to New ZEaland with my 1yr old son, he was pretty good, night flights are easiest as he slept, but day time ones wernt bad, we were able to walk with him up and down the isle when seatbelt light was off and they also offer bassinettes for little ones while there asleep, i was dreading it but it wasnt nearly as bad as i had imagined.

stitch Sun 06-Nov-05 08:47:27

is it a direct flight?
iwent to pakistan with a six month old, a 25 month old, and a six year old. i am really really glad ds1 was with me, as when i was sat in the lounge at heathrow, ds2 ran off, and ds1 had to go get him.
just think of the bliss at the end.
good luck.
lots of bottles of milk. dummies if they take them. and a pushchair are essential i think.

geekgrrl Sun 06-Nov-05 09:00:36

gosh stitch, Pakistan! - you're made from stern stuff. I've flown on my own with a 5 yr old, a 4 yr who has SN and behaves like a 2 yr old, and a 15m old, it was always a complete nightmare BUT the flights were only 1.5 hours long.
I'm bracing myself for another journey like it in February - am dreading it already.

Be prepared for lots and lots of dirty looks from fellow passengers.

Pomi Sun 06-Nov-05 09:32:09

You cannot take two under two on your lap (on an infant ticket). but one of my ds has got a child seat and as long as i am paying they should't have any problem with it. The travell agent did not mention any thing like this.

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pinotgrigio Sun 06-Nov-05 09:39:04

Hmm. I'm a toddler flight veteran, but never with two. Sounds pretty scary. I think the younger should crash out with milk in bottle at take off. Are you using car seats? Using a car seat for DD until she was about 2 made my life much easier. If not how will your older toddler be? Will he/she be able to get out of the seat (my DD could easily get out of the plane's seatbelt at that age)? Is the younger going to be on your lap?

If you can get a car seat for both - that way you'll have your hands free and won't have to worry about escaping toddlers. If not, at least for the elder. It will complicate your life at either end though, as you have to carry it (I carried mine to Thailand, it was a huge pain in the ar$e but worth it because DD slept in it the whole way at 15 months and back again at 20 months).

Some airlines provide in flight nannies - not sure if this is an option on economy, but I've seen it advertised (unfortunately not something I've been able to try!).

I think your younger one won't be too much trouble as long as you give milk/snacks and have something for the air pressure. For the older one, things to unwrap, bribes (do ANYTHING!), portable DVD player, stickers, books etc.

After the truly most horrific flight from hell ever with DD to australia on my own, I will be using phenergan on the way home. Not sure if your elder is old enough though, think they have to be 2 (and you have to be happy with the idea too).

Good Luck. I really hope they sleep for you.

Pomi Sun 06-Nov-05 10:00:42

stitch, i am flying by PIA (direct flight).

greekgirl i am definately not made from stern stuff but have to be tough when all my family live in Pakistan and i am looking after two kids without any help.

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stitch Sun 06-Nov-05 13:47:17

no pomi, yo are doing the right thing. i went for the same reason as you. i needed help with the kids. unfortunately i was only able to be ther for three weeks because of ds1's school.
yes, the flight was hard. as was the initial delay which i think with pia you have to accept. i took the pushchair right up to the plane, although as it was the first time without the double pushchair, ds2 was running round like wild.
at one point, just before they all fell asleep, i felt like crying. i had reserved the front bit, where they can put a cot down for the baby.
i ended up putting the boys on the three seats, dd's cot, provided by pia on the armrests on top of them, and myself, i made a little place to sit on the floor in front of them.
they didnt give me my pushchair bag till baggage reclaim, and at passport control i was literally crying. baby was too little to hold her head up, she couldnt sit then, so carrying her wasnt easy. ds2, the two year was tired and wanted me to carry him. ds1 was also tired. in hindsight, i should have just found a clear bit of floor, and sat down, waiting for the rush of people to clear from passport control, as handling the kids, the passports, the nappies, and the unfriendly couple near me, i was in tears myself.

But once out of there. i literally, walked past the immigration people, told them i was taking the kids out, handed them over to my sister and brother in law who were outside. and it was just bliss. they sat in the car with the airconditioner on, gave them chocolates sweets etc. made them happy. i went and got the luggage. came out, and it was wonderful for three weeks. no cooking, no housework. lots of extra pairs of hands, eyes. etc.

if you keep in mind the light at the end of the tunnel, then it is much much easier.

wads Mon 07-Nov-05 06:42:13

have done a few 3 hour trips with baby & 4 year old ds & agree worst part is no pushchair until after baggage reclaim and the pushchairs come after all the baggage so all the harrassed parents were left right til the end! Best tip for ds (maybe yours is still too small) is walkman with lots of song & story tapes. Then lots & lots of food - especially treats they don't usually get & a few new toys. On last trip dd baby threw beloved Noddy toy down loo as I was having to lift ds to wee as the seat was so high - thank God it was about 15 mins before landing as ds had a major meltdown! Oh also baby bjorn if baby is small enough keeps hands free for toddler in airport

fuzzywuzzy Mon 07-Nov-05 08:10:52

Pomi take an umbrella fold pushchair with you, those are the ones they usually put into the hold for you and give you back as soon as you leave the plane. Ring PIA direct, and ask them for a seat at the bul;k head, and book the baby bassinet/air cot/whatever now. As leavign it till check in could be too late.
I generally, feed my older girl once we've gone through check in and are waiting for the gates to open, I find she's happier if she isn't running on empty, give the baby's a drink on taking off and landing too.
I found the night flights were best as both my little ones slept right through the night ones (bliss)!!!
Good luck and have a wonderful time.

ggglimpopo Mon 07-Nov-05 08:40:46

Message withdrawn

Pomi Mon 07-Nov-05 14:53:38

stitch you went through a very bad situation. I have experienced some times such situations like I have picked up ds2 and ds1 also wanted to be picked up. Once he ran outside the surgery while i was trying to put ds1 in a buggy. and crying is a very little thing in such situations.

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moondog Mon 07-Nov-05 15:03:18

I say that it is grim grim grim grim whether it is short or long haul.
Did two short flights with my 4 year old,16 month old and dh this morning.

It was bloody awful. I'm exhausted now.

Dh will have to go shopping on his own tonight.

Pomi Mon 07-Nov-05 15:06:43

fuzzywuzzy I am taking the umberalla buggy and hoping to get it back outside the plane not with the luggage. booking the cot in advance is a good idea, a friend of me has also recomended this.

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suzywong Mon 07-Nov-05 15:07:23

ain't that the truth MD

It's always grim, ecpect the worst and then things can only be an improvement if otherwise. Queuing and hanging around at the airport when you have to keep an eye and hand on kids and baggage is often the worst bit.

Best of luck to you

moondog Mon 07-Nov-05 15:09:04

Pomi,emphasise how important it is to have the buggy literally at the door when you disembark.
Also,don't move until it is there-once you're in the tunnel bit you're off the hands of cabin crew and they couldn't care less.

Ispeak from bitter experince,so now walk up to first class,sit down with the children and ask them politely to let me know when the buggy arrives.

chjlly Mon 07-Nov-05 15:09:28

I have done short flights with 2 and found that other passengers have been helpful ie helping toddler of plane etc usually older people are the most helpful! or other mothers on their own!

Pomi Mon 07-Nov-05 16:07:44

You know there is one good thing about the airport where i am going (Lahore) There is a separate queue for the people with kids and at the baggage reclaim you can hire someone.

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Z5NZ5N Sat 01-Feb-20 15:30:59

Pomi can I ask about your experience.

I also am traveling via PIA Manchester to Islamabad.

I have booked the front seats including the basinet.

My main concern is my buggy / pram.

Did they allow the buggy / pram in the cabin?

Did they put it in the hold?

If it was in the hold when did you receive it back??

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