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eidsvold Sun 14-Sep-03 18:00:52

we are hoping to have a stop over enroute to Aus in Singapore around mid year next year. We are hoping to have about 5 days....

Any suggestions on must sees and best places to stay in terms of districts. Dd will be almost 2.

whymummy Sun 14-Sep-03 19:57:29

hi eidsvold we stayed at the plaza park royal hotel,we were only there for 3 nights but we managed the zoo wich is fantastic,also went to the old town where there`s lots of pubs and restaurants and don`t forget to go have a singapore sling at the raffles

Tetley Sun 14-Sep-03 20:28:33

Definately the zoo. We also went to the night safari, which is next to the zoo, but is only open from sunset - which may be a bit late for your dd. Also the island (whose name escapes me at the moment) in the bay. You go over there by cable car, - the views are fantastic, and there is a fantastic aquarium, plus beaches & rides.

We weren't allowed into Raffles because I had shorts & sandals on - so be warned!!

eidsvold Sun 14-Sep-03 20:46:17

ohh - we thought we would definitely do the Zoo and raffles for singapore slings... but thanks for those other ideas - it is all well and good reading about it in a guide book but it is better if someone has first hand knowledge.

pupuce Sun 14-Sep-03 21:14:57

The night safari is great... I was amazed how many kids there were actually !
I liked everything actually and 5 days is plenty to see loads.... it is after all very small !
I have a crap memory but I know I ate really good crab in a restaurant on a coast where we could see loads of boats.... there were many other restaurants there but I went with local and we had picked one which was far less touristy as some of the others.

Bogwoppit Sun 14-Sep-03 21:41:55

We did breakfast at the zoo with the orang-utans. basically you arrive - there is a help yourself cooked breakfast then the orang-utans come out & they do a bit of a talk then you can go & seethem & have your pic taken with them.

dunno if they stil ldo this (4yrs since we went on our honeymoon), but I'm sure your DD would love it.

AussieSim Mon 15-Sep-03 20:35:57

Don't just do the Sling at raffles, but get a babysitter and do dinner. I was a vegetarian for 4 years until I went to dinner at Raffles. There was this arrangement of about 7 courses, each with its own glass of wine. My dh and I chose two different sets of menus so we could try each others. The food was to die for and the service was the best I've ever had anywhere. When the waiters came out with the wine it was like they were dancing not serving. (But try to slip out before the bill comes).

codswallop Mon 15-Sep-03 21:02:44

I was born there - you can check out he blue sign ouside

codswallop Mon 15-Sep-03 21:04:53

they may also have the letter "T" there!!

Gem13 Mon 15-Sep-03 21:07:46

Another vote for the Night Safari - I think we went at 7.30 so it might be a good thing to do if your daughter is a bit thrown by the time difference.

If she isn't, then try and get her to have a nap beforehand! Both DH and I loved it and can't wait to take DS there one of these days (he's the same age as your DD). We went after an afternoon of rain and listening to the bullfrogs was magical.

As I write this I don't know why I loved it so much but I did - so go!

eidsvold Mon 15-Sep-03 21:25:09

I think we will do the night safari - she is pretty good with things and while she has a bit of a routine - it is not that fixed - after all who knows when we will be able to afford to do that again.

quackers Wed 08-Oct-03 16:16:12

Night safari is fantastic!!

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