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Family friendly hotel or B & B in or near Taunton?

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Marina Sun 14-Sep-03 10:20:19

Could anyone recommend somewhere nice to stay in or near Taunton in Somerset? It just needs to be an overnighter but it also needs to be somewhere that is OK with small babies.
Any recommendations warmly appreciated.

beetroot Sun 14-Sep-03 13:41:09

Message withdrawn

Marina Sun 14-Sep-03 20:14:50

Weekend 12th October for christening of friends' baby. The service in central Taunton, Beetroot...

beetroot Sun 14-Sep-03 20:28:03

Message withdrawn

beetroot Sun 14-Sep-03 20:37:07

Message withdrawn

beetroot Sun 14-Sep-03 20:42:18

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 15-Sep-03 12:19:52

Oh, thanks so much Beetroot, I know you have plenty to preoccupy you at the minute, that's really kind of you. I have mailed Meryan House but have a sinking feeling they may not have family looks far too nice
Where I DON'T want to stay is with our hosts. They have a houseful, including an elderly mother on crutches at the minute, and although they have offered to "squeeze us in" I think it will be unfair on everyone (especially us).
We are Travelodge veterans so there is always that option.

beetroot Mon 15-Sep-03 13:17:35

Message withdrawn

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