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Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 09:22:25

has anyone noticed the demise of simply travel? I went to Periyali Villas in Zakynthos last year and was impressed with the service and quality - especially the kids club. Now TUI (thomsons) have ruined it! cheap brochures, theyv'e dropped lots of properties, especially the child friendly places, web site is terrible....they want us all to go on Thomson SuperFamily holidays which are not my cup of tea...any advise o reasonably priced med holidays which are good for kids? not big unfriendly hotels full of shaven heads, lager drinking louts?

lalaa Thu 13-Oct-05 09:30:52

greek islands club is quite upmarket (bit expensive for me) - they do just the ionian side of greece, or you could try who do holidays only on Paxos (just south of Corfu).
sad to hear that simply have disappeared. always liked their properties. Paxos has lovely people. Beaches are mainly stony, not sandy, but we liked it.

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 09:39:26

Our holiday last year with simply was about £2K, which was for a 2 bed villa, flights and car hire. child care was extra but fantastic. Simply Travel is still there, but choice is not, and it is more expensive (under occupancy, and kids are not included in occupancy numbers), will try, thanks

emmatom Thu 13-Oct-05 09:42:07

Have you considered Malta? 3 hours on the plane, guaranteed sunshine, they love kids, no lager louts - a bit like stepping back in time really, felt like I'd gone back to the 70s for some reason. Maybe the decor, pace of life, not sure - but a really lovely time spent there.

Chevron Holidays specialise in Malta.

tigermoth Thu 13-Oct-05 09:44:36

How sad! I was wondering where the capuciello family cottages with nursery had disappeared to. It is not in this year's Simply Corsica brochure. Is some other company picking up all the child friendly holidays dropped by the Simply Travel's new owners? Really hope so!

desperatehousewife Thu 13-Oct-05 09:47:07

I agree! Had amazing simply holiday this year - 3 of us for 2 weeks including 2 weeks for DS in creche (mornings only i hasten to add!), flight and self catering for £800! Amazing.

Am gutted.

Might be worth looking at Tapastry. The place we stayed at was being taken over by Tapestry holidays from Simply.

codface Thu 13-Oct-05 21:40:52

my woman said to try simpson/?/s travel owned byt he old simply people

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 22:49:55

I Have been sat at home tonight with DH, giving him serious grief about our holidays next year... have even been considering campsite in france (I love france just really enjoyed med AGAIN AAFTER A LONG BREAK) I don't need childcare, just the guarantee of likeminded parents who enjoy life, and a good time....too much too ask?

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 22:50:39

will be checking out simpson...

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 22:51:46

Desperate houswife what are u doing without simply?

CountessDracula Thu 13-Oct-05 23:04:58

I've just been away with them and they were fine.

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 23:05:23

desperatebhousssewife, what place was being taken over by tapestery? place in turkey that was dropped is my main interst...

CountessDracula Thu 13-Oct-05 23:06:50

You must call Simply direct, not go through the website. They still have a lot of the places but the new website is so bad that you can't find them and when you do they don' tmention the childcare

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 23:07:40

countessdracula, that is this year ... I am interested in what is available next year...we had best ever family hioliday this year but it is all gone for next year

Bridge1001 Thu 13-Oct-05 23:12:53

we need to find who is willing to pick up the family friendly holidays chldren would love a keycamps but I am holding firm, I need my taste of the me someone!!

desperatehousewife Fri 14-Oct-05 08:55:28

I have looked at Simpsons and it doesn't cater for kids (no kids clubs/creches), so no good as far as I'm concerned!

The place I went to was Akyaka in Turkey and was basic but fab. Tapestry are taking it over I think....but there was a rumour that they would be closing the creche altogether which is criminal. Having had a taste of it, I wouldn't consider a holiday without a creche now!

Having a baby in the spring, so holiday probably out for us next year anyway - unless we go somewhere later in the year. ?

Might try calling Simply direct see if that throws up anything..?

Bridge1001 Fri 14-Oct-05 11:04:02

I have looked at tapestry, and don't think it has a chreche, so probably not any good my dd's are 4 and 5 and need other kids and activity....keycamps here I come

codface Fri 14-Oct-05 13:46:55

me too bridget
am lookuing at crete - mine doont want clubs per se but a shared pool and ohter kids

Fimbo Fri 14-Oct-05 13:49:45

I have been on a Thomson Superfamily Holiday - not to be recommended unless you love drinking, silly competitions and let your baby sleep in the buggy until midnight. Bleugh - never to be repeated.

codface Fri 14-Oct-05 13:52:56

oh no

MissChief Fri 14-Oct-05 15:13:10

went with simply to lefkas-excellent childcare, v smallscale, quality resort, lovely island..
however, thomson service, sales & pre-departure info was truly appalling-nrly caused me to cancel!

codface Fri 14-Oct-05 15:41:45

wherf on lefkas

MissChief Fri 14-Oct-05 18:05:46

god can't remember name but same site where creche located. really recommend it.

CountessDracula Fri 14-Oct-05 18:34:53

same one as you are thinking of cod - mousses

desperatehousewife Fri 14-Oct-05 19:45:50

sorry for hijack - anyone got any ideas for winter break (4 days or so) over xmas to get away from the families!

Thinking log cabin somewhere snowy....??

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