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Skiing in Bulgaria

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outofpractice Wed 03-Sep-03 17:51:31

Has anyone been skiing in Bulgaria? What standard were the facilities, eg do you think that any medical care would be OK, did you think that ski lifts were safely maintained, were the roads OK? It looks quite good and cheap but I have never been to eastern Europe and feel uneasy.

chloeb2002 Sat 06-Sep-03 19:27:38

My dad now lives in Sofia. The Bulgarian Capital. Been skiing in Pamporova and Borovets. Both full of brits! Id always take out medical cover if your going skiing! Excelent slopes for begginers/intermediate. Prefer Pamporova for facilities etc. All resort is ok, good lifts at boths. High standards of maintainace. Food is good but Bulgarian... lots of feta cheese, garlic and real meat! Very cheap although not as cheap as it was. good skis and equipment to hire... go for it!

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