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March best destination with a 9 month old

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bigbadwritersblock Tue 11-Jan-11 22:05:30


Would love some advice from anyone that's been there and done it. Looking for a holiday for me, dh and ds who will be 8/9 months in March. We can fly business as have tons of miles but haven't got a clue where to go.??? Thinking so far maritus but don't want just beach pool and nothing else, cape town not sure how safe we would feel - been warned off by s.a. by a friend. America - not sure where?? Or anywhere else?

Any advice would be helpful


ticklebug74 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:55:45

Canada - it is on my dream list to visit! But being an Aussie - most holidays get used up visiting family back home.

Dubai would be nice weather in March but apart from beach/pool and shopping and a dessert trip (which may be hard with baby) there is not much else.

Perth is awesome in March, but you need to
go for 2-3 weeks to make the flight worth it.

Have fun wherever you decide to go.

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