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Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 - Breastfeeding & Prams

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CupcakesHay Tue 11-Jan-11 20:49:25

I'm going to be travelling with a 2 month old soon (well - once it's born!) - and i was wondering if anyone knows if it's OK to BFeed at Heathrow airport or if there's somewhere discreet to do it.

And what about Prams - can i keep the baby in the pram until I get to the gate?

And is there any other clever advice you can think of?

I thought i'd ask now as I might be a bit busy to ask in a few weeks time grin

grumpymashedbanana Tue 11-Jan-11 20:58:59

You will be fine breastfeeding where ever you like, I expect sitting in a corner in a coffee shop type place will be quite discreet. I will be there next week (diff terminal though) and will be feeding wherever I need to, but 6 months in to it I feel quite confident now grin

Apparantly it depends on the airline about the buggy- most advice seems to suggest you can take it to the gate but that the airlines throw it in the hold and there is a high risk of damage, so consider a cheapo one or consider a sling/wrap for use at the airport instead.

Book a sky cot if your airline does this.

Have a wonderful trip!

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