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Doing Mark Warner last minute

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soniaweir Tue 11-Jan-11 19:57:38

We tried to book a MW holiday to greece and even with a 15% discount and a free child place and a further 5% for being a member of pru health it's still SOOOOOO expensive to go in June. Had anyone had experience of going to MW last minute and getting child care places? i think that is the only way that we can do it. we really want to go as we went a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it esp when the DC were in childcare!

Sazisi Tue 11-Jan-11 21:29:43

I haven't but I am nosy... so how expensive is it

We have never been able to afford that kind of holiday, like most people.

If it's the inclusive childcare that's important to you, Siblu have kids clubs from age 1+ with amazing prices for South/Southwest France campsites in June. They are supposed to be really good.

soniaweir Wed 12-Jan-11 09:40:35

he he - for 2 weeks to greece in june with all the savings above on a full board basis (apart from drinks) it was £4k for a family of 4!!! so it would be around £6k full price and that is out of school holidays.
will check that company out but not sure if i fancy camping - my DH would love it!

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