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sun holiday haven holidays advice please

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taytotayto Sun 09-Jan-11 21:21:52

hi guys
last year was our fist year collecting the sun holiday haven holiday tokens and we stayed at the wild duck in norfolk in may. we had a great time. HOWEVER...... i was NEVER as cold at night as i was that 4 nights. im not soft i was brought up in a house with no heating (my father refused to have it) and i worried all the time about my dd who was 10 months at the time but apart from one night it didnt seem to bother her.
i am now pregnant again and if we do it again we would like to try primrose valley in yorkshire in october.
what id like to know is a, is it worth booking direct with haven and paying for the prestige or should we book a lower spec in the hope they offer us a cheapish upgrade, or b, do we collect the tokens anyway and book a basic and again hope we get offered a cheapish upgrade. apart from the cold i was really happy with our accommodation.
sorry its so long winded.

sb6699 Mon 10-Jan-11 00:33:50

I went to Primrose Valley in October. They offered us basic accommodation because we had the dog with us but tbh I was very pleased with it.

BUT it was bitterly cold. The first couple of nights nobody could sleep because we were all shivering. We had the fire on, radiators on and even the burners on the cooker.

I think you can book an upgrade with the Sun codes anyway.

amylou Mon 10-Jan-11 19:09:06

i always take a little fan heater as I find the heating have one setting - low!

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