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Travel wishlist! If you could go anywhere...

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mrspink27 Sat 08-Jan-11 13:24:48

If you could go anywhere in the world and see or do anything what would be on your wishlist? ( money no object! )

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 08-Jan-11 18:35:18

Well, before I had DD(3) I used to travel a lot but there are some things I've missed:

- Nothern lights (know it's not guaranteed but would love to see them).

- Bali (was next on my list when found I was pregnant). Not in a backpacking way, btw, I like my luxuries.

- The Ananda Spa at the foot of the Himalayas.

- California. I'd like to spend about six months there.

kslatts Sat 08-Jan-11 23:38:02

- We are going to Kenya this summer(inc. a safari) which is somewhere we have wanted to go for ages.

- Would love to go to New Zealand, but put off by the long flight.

- Route 66 Roadtrip.

- Alaska.

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 09-Jan-11 06:49:43

DH and I were talking about this a couple of days ago. DD has expressed an interest in going to India to see the Taj Mahal. He and I have been many years ago so it looks like that will be our next destination. Luckily he is a teacher so we'll be able to go for around 5 weeks.

Acinonyx Sun 09-Jan-11 19:09:26

We also travelled a lot pre-dd. I've always wanted to go to China and have planned a trip several times which has always been thwarted (happily by being pg with dd last time).

I used to live in Southern Africa and really want to go back on safari with dd. It's so expensive though - it was so much cheaper paying locally.

ENormaSnob Mon 10-Jan-11 09:14:42


icancancan Wed 12-Jan-11 15:53:18

have been lucky enough to do loads of travelling but have never seen the northern lights, so would love to do that. also would like to travel the trans-siberian express (in luxury fashion) and treat myself to a top spa somewhere really luxurious. Madagascar looks amazing too for wildlife

MisSalLaneous Wed 12-Jan-11 19:36:38

I would love to go to Laos, but with time difference, a toddler and limited leave that keeps going on the back burner.

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