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Car seats and airport transfers with a 1yr and a 2yr old??

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JoJoMam Mon 03-Jan-11 22:33:01

We'll be going away this summer on family holiday with my parents, siblings and our kids. We are the only ones with kids who need proper car seats. They will be 2 and nearly 1 and I'm worried about the car seat situation on the transfer from the airport to the resort. How does it work?

Its likely that we will be flying into Malaga, though the destination isn't set in stone yet and it isn't us that will be choosing.

When I've looked at a few transfer companies they say:
'In many destinations we are able to request infant and/or booster seats, however there may be a fee for this service. Please enquire at time of booking. However, it is recommend parents to take their own child seats to ensure adequate safety and comfort and as with any car rental policy, it is parents responsibility to fit these seats'

This all sounds a bit crap to me, I'm very car seat conscious and don't want to be in a situation where I'm in a taxi with them on my knee because there isn't another option.

Do we need to take seats with us? Can you take them on a flight or will it cost the earth in extra baggage? How do i know they will fit into whatever taxi/minibus we end up in?
I've never had this type of holiday before, before kids we never did a typical 'summer holiday' (more the week in NYC type) and so have never had an 'airport transfer' and have no idea how it all works, let alone with kids!

Help! I'm getting totally stressed about it!!

icapturethecastle Mon 03-Jan-11 22:50:44

I am sure it will be fine to book the transfer and just request a car seat. We hired car from malaga they provided a car seat which was perfect I had to fit it but it was very easy and I am sure the staff would have helped if I had problem. Also, I am sure transfer/taxi/car hire firms etc are well prepared for this. Don't worry really.

Re taking your own seats I am sure they would charge but I would ring and check it might not be that much.

Electricstarfish Tue 11-Jan-11 19:42:16

Not sure about taxi/minibuses but car hire firms can normally supply car seats - not sure if you need just for the transfer or for the whole holiday if using a car throughout. Assuming the latter - just check that the possible charge for booking a car seat isnt more than what you would get charged for taking your own with you on the plane. From experience, it can be pricey. Car hire companies also never fit the car seat for you, so you have to work it out yourself (in my experience, in the middle of the night with an unhappy toddler under one arm!), so you may prefer to take your own. x

jammietart Tue 11-Jan-11 19:54:56

We always take our car seats with us after bad experiences with hire cars and taxi transfers both in the UK and abroad. We check them into the hold and the airlines have always treated them like pushchairs and not charged extra. Worth a call to check though

shefliesthrutheair Fri 14-Jan-11 14:34:45

When we flew, the seat counted as one of dd's pieces of luggage, and it really wasn't any hassle at all to take it - and gave great piece of mind re safety.

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