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Greece aug with a 3 month old baby

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Justtrying Mon 03-Jan-11 17:20:04

DH's grown up daughter has just got engaged and is planning to marry in Greece in Aug. Our DC is due in may so will be about 12 weeks old. DC is my first any advice for travelling with a tiny baby is welcome, i would not have planned to travel to a hot country with a young baby but we obviously have no choice in the matter. We will stay somewhere with ac but any tips for the heat and travel essentials, it will a charter flight so i am aware of needing to keep luggage to a minimum.

nappyaddict Tue 04-Jan-11 03:25:27

I travelled to Spain in August when DS was 5 weeks old. His pushchair had a carry cot attachment so we just took the frame and the carry cot. I tended to use a sling in the day and the pushchair when we went out at night and then the carry cot was his bed in the apartment as well.

I also bought a portable fan that attached to it and a shade a babe.

Make sure you pack extra clothes for you and the baby, nappies, wipes, muslins, milk etc in hand luggage. It only takes for the plane to be delayed and for the baby to be sick a few times and neither of you will have anything left to wear.

If you can fit them in black out blinds are a good idea for the bright sun, but if not you can tape up some bin bags on the windows.

I didn't take any proper clothes for DS because it was just too hot. I just kept him in a a tshirt or vest and a nappy with a hat and those baby bandz sunglasses and kept applying the factor 30.

If you are formula feeding you need to offer extra drinks of water to stop dehydration but if you are breastfeeding they won't get thirsty they will just feed more if they are thirsty.

nappyaddict Tue 04-Jan-11 03:28:30

Also if you hire a car get one with AC and make sure your car seat is compatible.

Get a mist spray bottle and fill it up with cold water, when a bit hot, spray cold mist over the baby. Also mist a muslin with water and lay it over baby in just a nappy.

nappyaddict Tue 04-Jan-11 03:40:11

Also talc is good for getting sand off.

Antalya1 Tue 04-Jan-11 03:45:23

My ds's were born and lived as toddlers in a hot climate. If you're bottle feeding at this stage you will be able to find compatible formula at local chemists, same goes for nappies, although expect to pay much more than the UK.

Have a small flask that you fill with water at the right temperature for the bottles and make up only when needed, oh and make sure that everything is throughly sterilized, germs breed quickly in those temperatures.

Look up any clinics before you travel so if there are upset stomachs you know where you are going - private clinics in Greece are excellent.

Have an umbrella for the pram, plenty of hats (if possible with he neck flaps) and high factor suncream but keep baby out of the sun when ever possible.

I always had plenty of extra bottles with sterilized water (before I feed them I would always give them water first) in and made sure that my ds's drank as much as I could get them to manage.

Keep the clothes to an absolute minimum, my ds's when indoors at home, just had a nappy on.

You will be absolutley fine, have a great time.

nappyaddict Tue 04-Jan-11 03:48:10

Cwear and Ozone Sposh sun suits are good too. They are polycotton so they don't get as sweaty as the nylon ones. They are expensive but if you buy now you might get one online in the sale.

Nefret Wed 05-Jan-11 11:08:02

I first took my dd1 out to live in Turkey when she was just 8 weeks and I was quite nervous but she was fine.

Make sure you take plenty of high factor baby suncream plus a UV suit if you are going to take her to the beach.

I would advise a sun canopy rather than an umbrella as it covers more of the pram, I used to also put a big piece of white muslin over the top and secure it with a couple of clothes pegs to keep my dd completely out of the sun while we were out walking.

I breastfed my dd but I also gave her cooled boiled bottled water if she got thirsty.

If you are bottle feeding you may not get the same brand of forumla in Greece and if you do it could be expensive so best take your own. You will get nappies there though so save some space and just take enough for a couple of days until you can go shopping. I know in Turkey they are pretty much the same price as at home but they may be a little more in Greece. Take some nappy sacks though as you probably wont find those out there. You will get baby wipes easily.

As a PP says just leave your baby in a nappy when indoors unless you have AC on.

Some airlines allow 10kg of luggage allowance for infants so it is worth cheking this. make sure you take everything you could need in a baby bag for the journey, plenty of nappies, changes of clothes, wipes etc.

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