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Languedoc holiday??

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Shunt Sun 02-Jan-11 21:38:42

Hi there

We are planning on going to the Languedoc region this May and are thinking of Argeles, we have 2 girls aged 5 and 3. Does anyone have any advice on these areas? We do not want to be somewhere that is very busy, touristy and commercial.

Somewhere typically french, with nice beaches and a few nice restaurants/attractions?

Possibly to stay in a gite or campsite (caravan) with pool.

Many thanks for any help!

Milliways Sun 02-Jan-11 21:53:53

I just typed a huge message & lost it!

However, in summary, we had a great holiday at Argeles (staying an La Sirene) nut the Town is VERY busy, touristy and commercial!

La Carabasse at Vias Plage was great. Again, a tourity village, but smaller with a selection of restaurants, and all walkable from the site (as is the beach)

FellatioNelson Sun 02-Jan-11 22:00:14

Hi, we have been to Argeles twice, went last year in fact. To be honest, compared to most other parts of France I would say it is touristy and commercial - at least in the town centres anyway. The flavour leans towards Spanish and modern, rather than what I think of as typically French.

The beach resorts and touristy towns are buzzing at night, and postively tacky, but if you are going in May it should be fairly quiet as all the teenagers will be at school!

The beach is really lovely; wide and gently sloping, lovely pale sand, safe for children, and very easy access with parking nearby.

There are loads and loads of restaurants and shops along the coastal road, but they do tend to be very commercial . It's not especially easy to find typically French little bistros there TBH, unless you go off-piste, as it were.

We went to La Sirene camspsite which was great. (There is a smaller sister-site across the road if you want smaller/quieter, but you can share the facilities.) The pool is lovely, and the site is extremely clean and well maintained and attractive. Not hilly, and loads of tarmaced safe little lanes so your girls could ride their bikes.

There is an excellent waterpark nearby, and a lovely place to visit is Collioure, a bustling medieval village with a port. It's much more typical of the type of atmosphere you are looking for, but it does get HORRENDOUSLY busy on market days so go early, or go in for the evening. There is a fabulous seafood restaurant up on the cliff called La Neptune.

Personally, I'd rather go somewhere with more atmosphere, like the Dordogne, but my kids absolutely LOVE it here. And if you want beach rather than countryside, and guaranteed sunshine, it's a good choice.

It can be cloudy because it's so close to the Pyrenees, but generally it's a safe bet weather wise.

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