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Would you take your dog to Centerparcs?

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gracebf Thu 30-Dec-10 21:51:16

We are thinking of spending 5 days at Centerparcs in April and have to decide whether to take the dog or put him in home boarding. We have never been to Centerparcs before so its hard to make a decision.

It works out financially almost exactly the same so wondered from those of you who have been to Centerparcs before, how easy it is to have your dog there?

He is a smallish dog but we could not let him out around the house without a lead on as he would run after wildlife.I worry it would mean we would have to be more careful about keeping patio doors shut etc and would make the holiday less relaxed.

What are the dog exercise areas like?
What are the dog friendly apartments like? I have heard stories about them being smelly and covered in dog hair, but cant believe thats true.

I like the idea of 5 days without having to worry about walking him, being home regularly etc but then it might be nice having him around.

What would you do/have you done if you have a dog and been to Centerparcs?

DeckTheHallWithBowlsOfPomBears Thu 30-Dec-10 21:58:00

Dog exercise areas are disgusting. Tiny space and shit everywhere. We exercised our dog off the lead in the grounds, got told off once. The dog friendly house was fine - no evidence of dogginess.
For a real holiday, I prefer to leave the dog in kennels but I got overruled.

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