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PIL, baby and pregnant - suggestions for holiday

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magie73 Wed 29-Dec-10 19:44:26

PIL will be over when dc2 is 2mth and I would like to go for a holiday for a week. We've pretty much done most of the UK so any suggestions for Europe (besides paris, rome, etc)?

Also going will be 1 year old and dh.

To give a bit of background:

PIL are not beach people and generally like to see things when they go away though they are slowing down a bit now (i.e. 1 or 2 sites a day, leisurely meals, etc).

Last time we went away we went to Weymouth in September and before that was a drive for a week in Lincolnshire.

Many thanks

DrSeuss Thu 30-Dec-10 15:28:40

The Italians worship children no matter how noisy or messy. Jet2 flies to Pisa which is beautiful and connected by rail to Florence. Loads of rental properties in the area.
The Turks are like the Italians on speed. No matter what kids do, they are adored. From Hisaronu you can do a number of trips such as the Dalyan river, a deserted Greek village or a boat trip. The water at Olu Deniz beach a few miles away is like sitting in a warm bath.
Will send you a few more details later when I have time if you want but we would recommend the Asena Village Hotel in Hisaronu.

magie73 Thu 30-Dec-10 20:18:15

Details would be appreciated. Thank you.

I'm guessing we'll hire a car as it would be easier to get to some sites.


DrSeuss Thu 30-Dec-10 21:33:41

In Turkey
did our tours. They pick you up from the hotel.
was where we stayed.
I must warn you that Hisaronu is quite touristy although this hotel is about tenminutes walk out of town at the edge of a wood and so is much quieter.

For Italy do flights to Pisa
have holiday rentals

We stayed at
The family who ran it were lovely. It's not that far from a railway station where you can get trains to Florence and Pisa. Siena was our favourite city of all.
Italian food is very child friendly. Pizza and pasta is always a hit and the icecream was delicious!
You will be warmly welcomed when travelling in either Turkey or Italy with a baby, not just tolerated. Grown men will stop to admire your children who may be given perks such as icecream or cake for free. So different to the UK. This year on our second trip to Turkey, a mini bus driver altered his route to take us home when he saw that we had a four year old with us.
sorry, just reread the grown men thing. Sounds creepy but it really isn't. They are not prededatory, they just adore all kids.

DrSeuss Thu 30-Dec-10 21:35:05

Forgot to say, if you go for Hisaronu, you must visit Olu Deniz lagoon as even the baby will be able to go in the water as it's amazingly warm.

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