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Any tips for travelling a 12wk+ baby to Dubai?

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SilverSky Sat 25-Dec-10 20:23:08

I'd welcome any advice regarding travelling with a young baby to Dubai next year! Our Ds will be a minimum of 12wks old and more likely to be 16wks if we travel end of January.

Have to admit I am nervous as it's such a hot country (I know they has aircon and shiz) but I guess it's impossible to enjoy the beach/pool as we would life pre DS. Is travel insurance expensive for young babies? I imagine it is.

Any tips on what to take? Or would you wait til the baby was older? Do lots of people travel long haul with young babies?

We are visiting family, which will make some aspects a lot easier. Ds is breast fed. Can you bf in public there?

Thanks in advance! I am expecting to be told I am crazy for even thinking about such a trip! ;)

mumoverseas Sun 26-Dec-10 05:46:03

To be honest, at that age it is far easier than when they are toddlers.
I live in the Middle East and flew with DD when she was a baby 16 times in her first year. It definitely got harder when she was a toddler.
DS is 2 in Feburary and again we travelled a lot when he was younger.

Dubai won't be really hot in January. It is around 26 degrees now and won't be that much hotter then so a lovely time to travel.

I b/f both of mine and didn't have any issues b/f in public although I was very respectful if the culture and wasn't 'obvious' if that makes sense

Can't advise on insurance but I don't think you are crazy.

SilverSky Sun 26-Dec-10 10:38:11

Thanks! MOS

What kind of clothing would you pack for the LO?

Totally get the bf'ing discreetly. I've got scarves and things to cover me and him and I am sure my relatives will be able to advise where and where not to feed. Guess I could take my expressing kit with me too.

How do you manage on the beach/ pool with littlies? One of those UV tent things?

Also how does it work with car seats? Can you hire? Take your own?

I realise I have about 1000 questions - control freak? Me? Never!!

MrsGubbins Sun 26-Dec-10 16:04:48

Hi Silversky... don't worry about the breastfeeding here, in Islam it is encouraged to breastfeed for 2 years so you'll only get smiles of encouragement from local ladies should you encounter any.

It would be easy enough to breastfeed on the beach as well, a UV tent would be perfect for the baby, will protect from the sun and the wind/sand - it can get pretty windy in January.

Check with your airline, they should let you take carseat on board for free or check it in with no extra charge - def bring your own.

As for clothes - well my 4 week old goes out in a bodysuit/sleepsuit and a blanket, I take a hat for her in case of being inside AC for a long time.

As for the long haul travel aspect, it's a bonus that you're breastfeeding cause you can just pop baby onto feed for take off and landing, the swallowing should help the adjustment to cabin pressure - have you booked the seat with the bassinet? if not contact the airline and tell them you want this seat, it'll give your arms a rest.

Don't worry, it's not that different here!

SilverSky Mon 27-Dec-10 10:19:21

Thanks MrsG!

Is it very humid there? I do worry about most things DS overheating.

That's great to know about the bf'ing.

Should I bring enough nappies from home or can you get regular brands out there? Only reason I ask is cos I have had trouble finding ones that don't blooming leak.

MABS Mon 27-Dec-10 10:30:23

it is great there with children of all ages, low humidity in jan, ideal time to go. Where you staying? our children were covered from birth on our annual travel insurance policy.

mumoverseas Mon 27-Dec-10 12:08:07

agree with MrsG ref b/f on flight. I've always done it for take off and landing and it really does help their ears. Also agree ref booking bassinet and taking car seat with you

MrsGubbins Tue 28-Dec-10 06:36:08

not humid at all in Jan... it's our blissful respite in Winter! we even had 10 mins of rain on Boxing Day!!

nappies that I've seen available are Pampers, Huggies, Carrefour own brand and one called Sanita Bambi which seems good so far for my 4 week old! can't think of any others that I've seen.

oh and regards breastfeeding... I was in a local bank yesterday and DD started to wake up looking for food, one of the female staff noticed and asked me if I needed somewhere to feed her! how's that for service! (I declined as I had plans for a latte and chunk of carrot cake in Cafe Nero for her feeding time!!)

SilverSky Tue 28-Dec-10 17:59:05

MABS we will be with family.

Thanks everyone for your tips.

Any thoughts about buggies/prams? Not sure I want to take mine in case it gets trashed in the hold. But then don't s'pose a young baby can really go in a buggy anyway.

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