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Bucharest Mon 13-Dec-10 10:01:09

I've got to get dp from Stansted to my Mum's on Christmas Eve. He is a furriner, so it's like sending a 3 yr old off on his own, bless.

I want to buy his ticket if possible, now, if I buy it online, does it get sent to me (inadvisable, post gets eaten) or do I print it off or what? Have found the trains I want, but don't want to go through booking process if it then tells me I have to have ticket delivered to a UK address or other such bonkers stuff.

We are in Italy.

Portofino Mon 13-Dec-10 10:03:34

I don't know about Stansted, but I ordered a ticket from Brussels to take me Kings X to Leeds and I had to pick the tickets up from a machine in the station, using the credit card I had paid with.

Portofino Mon 13-Dec-10 10:07:47

Have you tried

I think you can now print tickets on there....

Bucharest Mon 13-Dec-10 10:08:10

Oh blimey, he'd never cope with that! Might send him on the bus after all!

Bucharest Mon 13-Dec-10 10:08:39

Oh, x post, will go and look, thank you!

Bucharest Mon 13-Dec-10 10:34:42

Hmm, would have to do the same as you Porto, that is leave him my credit card so he could get real ticket out of machine.

So, looks like he'll either have to sort himself out when he lands, or I can have him national expressed up!

neenewps Mon 13-Dec-10 10:57:05

The trainline will post them to you also.

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