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Cruises and children

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slipperandpjsmum Thu 25-Nov-10 19:22:30

Has anyone been on a cruise with children? How did you find it? Were there lots of things going on for children and most importantly were there lots of other children on the cruise? I think Disney do one esp aimed at familes? All feedback gratefully received!

biglips Thu 25-Nov-10 19:25:33

when we went on a cruise in the first week of June...we didnt see many kids on the ship in the daytime and found out cos they were in the kids club 7 days a week. It will tell you in the cruise description of whats avail on the ship. We were on the Oceana (P&O Cruises).

gregssausageroll Fri 26-Nov-10 10:43:01

Loads to do on cruises for children. How old are your children?

If you go in school holidays, ie UK and especially USA holidays your will be bombarded with children.

I'd suggest joining the cruise critic forums as they have a specific families forum.

Main things to consider:

If you have a child that is not fully toilet trained they are not allowed in the swimming areas. Swim nappies are not allowed and don't even think that someone won't notice - they will and you will be reported - seen it before!

mumoverseas Fri 26-Nov-10 12:31:08

DH and I went with DC3 and 4 (aged 4 years and 21 months) a few weeks ago. Went to Bahamas with Royal Caribbean.
I would not do it again.
When we made enquiries we were told there was lots for kids, especially kids our age (we told them the ages and specifically asked)
We were told free kids clubs for both of them and babysitting in the evening (extra charge) which we could book on board.

Funny old thing, when we got on board there was no option of babysitters. We checked several times and were eventually told by the person in charge of childrens entertainment that this was a service that they no longer offered. It was not a case of not having anyone available as already booked, they just don't do it anymore. We were told that several staff members would have liked to have babysat but were told 'from above' that they were not allowed to. Shame it says different in their brochure.
DH and I had booked on the basis that we could enjoy the entertainment for a few hours in the evening, go to the casino etc etc but we could not do any of this.

Ref free kids entertainment, great for DD who loved it but DS too young to go in and all they had for his age was 2 x 45 sessions which had to be supervised by myself or DH. There was nowhere for little ones to play and it was very hard to keep him occupied, particularly during days at sea.

I can confirm what is said above about little ones not allowed in the pool, even in proper swim pants. Funny they don't tell you that when you book. Again, very hard to keep a toddler out when an older sibling is playing in the water.

Finally, we had requested the earlier dining time (5.45pm) due to the kids bedtime. We were booked in for the 8.30pm one on at a table for 10 which clearly was not appropriate. They refused to change it on board and were particularly unhelpful.

I wrote to them shortly afterwards expressing my disappointment, particularly as we own a property in Florida which we rent and quite often guests staying in our villa ask for recommendations on cruises.
I received a very abrupt response which basically said F*** off. As a result, I will not be recommending them and would advise people to check out Disney cruises instead.
At the airport on the way home we met a family who had just been on their 14th disney cruise and would highly recommend it.

gregssausageroll Sat 27-Nov-10 17:02:50

Seems the bottom half of my message is missing somehow but I was also going to mention that there is nothing for an under 3 to do that doesn't require you to stay with him or her so no babysitting or kids club etc.

This is why we are waiting until after DS is 3 before we take our next cruise.

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