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3mth old short haul - any tips?

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MrsH1979 Mon 15-Nov-10 07:33:46

Hello! First time mum flying to Scotland this weekend. Flight is 1hr 40mins. Please give me some tips as I'm panicking! Car seat is in car we are hiring, and planning to take mclaren.

I'm worried about dd ears! Is there anything I can give her ?

What else can I do to make sure all goes smootly?

Thank you! x

Fizzywaterlover Mon 15-Nov-10 12:22:09

I have just taken my 4 month old to Australia, and was very very scared of his ears affecting him. About 45 minutes before we descended i gave him a half dose of infant calpol. He never made a peep, and did not seem in any pain. I am not sure if it is due to teh calpol, but on the way out I sat next to a couple with a 6 month old, and on the way back next to another 4 month old and an 18 month old, and they were NOt given calpol, and nor did they seem to have any problems either. They either slept through the descent or just played.

I would just make sure that if possible you have a dummy handy or feed your baby up and down.

Otherwise, my only tip is to have your baby wear a bib the whole way, as flying can make them vomit more than usual, have a spare suit in your changing bag, and take a good supply iof nappies! But, it is a short trip, so you will be fine.

Lucky thing! I adore Scotland.

Portofino Mon 15-Nov-10 13:05:50

I used to feed/dummy on take off and landing too. Other than that, dd always slept on planes when she was tiny. Don't panic - it will be fine.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 15-Nov-10 13:07:16

We took ds1 on his first flight at 3 months. He either fed or slept. It was probably the easiest flight we have done with either of our ds's.
You'll be fine.

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