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Suggestions for holidaying in Britain In October

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colette Tue 19-Aug-03 13:42:15

My dh is really keen on taking a late booking abroad s/c in October. I am wondering if it might not really be a break with a 4yr old and a 3mnth old -we won't get the benefit of that kind of package holiday ie:sun ,bars,eating out.
I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for holidaying in Britain in October. Dh really likes to tour round local areas and do things independantly , he is anti centreparcs. However if anyone can explain their advantages I would consider it as I have started to consider them. Basically I want a cheap break and am not fussy if I get a good rest.
Or can you recommend a good s/c holiday in Britain in October.

aloha Tue 19-Aug-03 14:30:13

I love Centerparcs, and I never thought I'd say that! They are really safe as there are no cars. You are in a little house in the woods and the air smells of pine. It is really, really quiet. There is no Butlins-like atmosphere and you can be completely by yourself if you like. The pool entertains older childen and there are outdoor activities for fine weather and indoor ones for rain, so you have to do less to entertain them. The restaurants aren't wonderful, food-wise, but are totally and utterly child friendly. The last time we went we had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, one of which had a jacuzzi bath which captivated our dd (then 9 and her friend we brought with us). We haven't been back with ds (2) but would like to.

chanelno5 Tue 19-Aug-03 14:51:59

Just come back after a wonderful week at Centerparcs Longleat. We were really lucky with the weather, but there would have been plenty to do even if it hadn't been so good. Agree with Aloha, very safe and child-friendly. A massive place set amongst beautiful pine trees, rather like a little village in itself. You don't feel as though you are falling over other people as it is so spacious. Supermarket is reasonably priced and stocks good range of baby and kiddy supplies. Do need to take your own BBQ though (if we'll be lucky enough to still be able to have BBQs in Oct, of course!) Will definitely go again, hopefully next summer. HTH.

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