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Outrageous child-friendly hotel prices

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Ks Wed 22-Aug-01 08:18:12

Message withdrawn

Bugsy Wed 22-Aug-01 09:39:58

Totally agree KS. We looked into Moonfleet Manor for a New Year's Eve party with some friends and nearly died when we discovered that it would cost us nearly as much as our ski-ing holiday for a week is going to cost. This is one of my big gripes about the UK. Having gone abroad alot since our son was born, we have always enjoyed the relaxed family atmosphere in so many French, Spanish and Greek restaurants. Children are accepted as part of a normal outing and not seen as weird "other beings" who should be skulking at home.
However, I have to say that generally speaking young children from mainland European countries do generally behave much better in restaurants. I am sure this is because they have much greater exposure. It is a viscous circle in the UK, people don't take their kids because children are not welcome. Kids are not welcome because proprietors worry that they will be badly behaved and put other people off and so on the odd occasion that kids do go out they are usually over-excited and not particulary well-behaved because it is such a rare occurance.

Lil Wed 22-Aug-01 10:35:30

Yes! I went to Moonfleet and loved it, but I agree it was expensive. I think what annoyed me most was having to pay seperately for my son's breakfast and lunch at the children's (pre-school) buffet, which was about £5 each meal. I think its extortionate when you see how little in quantity children that age actually eat. Especially having already paid £225 per night!

on the other hand, aren't all UK hotels very expensive compared to the continent. I think they just don't get a high enough turnover, I guess that's down to the weather and the smaller scale of hotels over here. I've always wondered, what do you think?

Kizzie Wed 22-Aug-01 15:33:59

I agree entirely. I went to Moonfleet and we had a very nice time but to be honest I didn't think the level of service etc justified the cost. (Also agree re. having to pay separately for childrens meals.) There wasn't actually anything wrong and the room was beautiful but for that kind of money I was really hoping for something extra, extra special.

Rhiannon Wed 22-Aug-01 19:24:48

Go to Center Parcs, they have creches and kids clubs sessions and baby sitters for £3.80 an hour (during the day and evening). I was impressed by all the baby sitters that came to us and had no hesitation about leaving the children with them. There are about 5 restaurants to use in the evening and the pool complex is open till 10pm.

Tigermoth Fri 24-Aug-01 13:39:40

For about £11.00 a night adults, £7.00 a night children, you can stay in a youth hostel in your own family room. At that price you could consider taking a babysitter and give them a room as well. Or, as I am doing, go with a group of friends with children, and share babysitting duties.

The hostels are extremely child-friendly, too, and can often supply cots and highchairs.

I know I've banged on about youth hostels before, (I'm not a very hearty type - really. Never went to any in my youth) but honestly, it's a great, cheap way of taking your children away for a weekend.

Alli Fri 24-Aug-01 21:59:10

I have just come back from a 5 day break with my partner and 15 month old son - we stayed in a hotel that had a beauty spa, swimming pool, gym, etc etc and had a dinner, bed and breakfast rate which was very reasonable - and the baby monitor worked from the restaurant to our room. I booked via a company called Hotel Connections that specialise in late deals (you can only book 28 days in advance) and so got, what I think, a really good rate for the standard of hotel. It cost half the price of Moonfleet Manor per night and that included my son in an interconnecting room. I wouldn't say the hotel was particularly child orientated but they were very tolerant of him.

Rhiannon Sat 25-Aug-01 21:38:23

Alli, don't keep us in suspense which hotel and where? R.

Alli Tue 28-Aug-01 14:28:32

Hi Rhiannon - the place I went to is called Albrighton Hall, in Albrighton nr Shrewsbury - it's part of the MacDonald Hotel chain. I leave near j.24 of the M25 and it takes 2 hours to get there on a good drive and over 3 hours on a bad one! I have been there 4 times in the last year, twice with just my hubby and twice with son too. We do quite a lot of shopping up there (it's about 50 minutes from Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village) and there's a few outlet type places in Shrewsbury itself. We tend to buy all our son's clothes for the next six months while we're there. We did visit a couple of farm/zoo places as well as all the shopping! If you want the best price though you need to speak to Hotel Connections - website This is just one of many hotels that have late availability with Hotel Connections - but if you do use them be aware that they are pedantic about not booking before 28 days prior to departure.

Rhiannon Tue 28-Aug-01 15:35:04

Thanks Alli, I'm at junction 25 by the way! R.

Alli Wed 29-Aug-01 09:49:41

Hi Rhiannon

I live in Southgate so I assume you're Enfield - not far at all. Alli.

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