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Travel system/carry cot on Easyjet

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JessemyParkson Sun 31-Oct-10 20:48:09

We're looking to fly to Hamburg in December, and although I've found out that you can take pushchairs up to the plane then stowed, what about prams? Easyjet say they don't take "full-size prams", but mine is part of a travel system, and so the chassis collapses. Also, are Easyjet happy taking travel systems? They say they take 2 items free of charge - I don't want to find myself paying extra because the pram/carrycot is separate to the chassis, as well as the car seat IYSWIM

Do you think I'll be allowed to take it? Has anyone else taken theirs?

I'm a bit loathed to take the pushchair part, as DD will only just be 2 months old, and the carrycot would double up as the travel cot where we're staying. Also, she'd be warmer in the carrycot than in the pushchair fixture.

mickael28 Sun 05-May-13 14:33:06

We've got exactly the same doubt. Did you manage to clarify if the carrycot was allowed and counted as one item?

notfarmingatthemo Mon 06-May-13 00:45:04

I would get a bag that you can put both parts in to keep them together. We bought the diono car seat bag when we flew long hall. It is huge I managed to get two maxicosy high back boosters in it. if you have a bag you can also put a few extras in like nappies. Which pram do you have?

preggersbycheggers Mon 06-May-13 19:37:32

Are easy jet definitely the best way to travel? Have you checked fares with BA as often once you have added everything on to an easy jet fare its cheaper to fly BA!

You can definitely take the the carry cot part of pram with BA.

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