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Bulgaria - next summer.

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leander Tue 12-Aug-03 10:59:29

Well we are thinking of going to Bulgaria next summer and was wondering if anyone has been recently.I have been twice before but the last time was 10 yrs ago and I believe it has changed radically since then(as it would).The main thing is how child friendly it is as It will be a big family holiday with at least 3 kids under 3yrs , some teenagers and a lot of adults.TIA.

leander Wed 13-Aug-03 10:45:23


Dizzdy Thu 13-Jan-05 18:27:01

Hi leander I am thinking of going to Bulgaria myself this year but have never been before. It looks pretty much like Turkey and is mega cheap! I fancy going to Sunny beach or golden sands. I will surf the net for more info until someone wrires back.

MumtoLaura Thu 13-Jan-05 19:09:42

I went to Golden Sands last year - June 2004, with my DP and DD (who was 2).
We went on a last minute holiday, to a one star hotel.
The hotel was pretty bad - a very old tower block with no air conditioning.
It was cheap (although the resort was much more expensive than the rest of the country).
The people were really lovely.
There was lots to do for my DD - pool/beach/children's rides.
It was rather loud though - lots of Karaoke / loud clubs.
If you want a beach holiday then I would recommend it, but I would choose the best hotel you can afford - definitely one with air conditioning.
Try to take the local bus to one of the surrounding towns - it's an interesting country.

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