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Moving to spain ,any tips?

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lucy5 Sat 09-Aug-03 00:27:03

Hi just discovered this site, looks really useful. I am moving to Spain soon and am looking for general advice. I am moving to Estepona on the Costa Del Sol and have a 2 year old. Is there anyone on here from southern spain? I am particularly interested in finding out about nuseries or groups I could attend. Any ideas would be appreciated.

katierocket Sat 09-Aug-03 07:47:40

I think there was another thread about this not long ago. Try going to 'search board' and searching for *spain*. Also Lucy 123 lives in Spain (I think) so I'm sure she can help.

whymummy Sat 09-Aug-03 08:50:54

hi lucy have a look in here
there`s a few nurseries there,good luck

lucy123 Sat 09-Aug-03 13:11:40

Hi Lucy.

I see you had as much imagination as me when it came to picking your user name! Obviously we both have better things to worry about though...

Anyway we live in Spain, used to live near Estepona. And the good news is that nurseries ( "guarderias" ) are 10 a penny and much much cheaper than in the UK. However the Spanish don't do M&T groups/coffee mornings etc - you'll need an ex-pat group for that. I know of one in Fuengirola, but that is quite a drive from Estepona.

I would love to find out though as we run a website for expats in Spain and that kind of info is what we need! Our site is - do contact me via that site if you want to.

Also the link Whymummy mentions should be - there is only one listed for Estepona thoughand I know there will be more than that.

let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!

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