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Pontins - Love it or hate it?

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Chinghehuang Sat 02-Oct-10 23:36:56

Stayed at Pontins in Prestatyn and my god what a dump this place is, hated it, the place needs bulldozing urgently, old, dirty, delapidated. Anyone recommend a nice, clean, modern Pontins site?

tolipfinityandbeyond Mon 29-Aug-11 00:36:37

Anyone recommend a nice, clean, modern Pontins site?

I doubt it!

We went to Pontins Prestatyn just over a week ago, we will not be returning... I booked before reading the reviews about the place, otherwise I would have booked elsewhere! I get the impression that all the Pontins places are in roughly the same state....

timidviper Mon 29-Aug-11 00:40:08

Quite a few years back I was given a voucher for a free visit to Pontins in Blackpool. For years after we threatened the DCs we'd take them on holiday there if they didn't behave ;)

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