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Moonfleet Manor - Anyone been

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cocococo Thu 01-Sep-05 23:20:13

We're off there next week and was wondering if any mumsnetters have been? Have just been on the tripadvisor website and reviews were very mixed...won't be telling DH

cocococo Sun 04-Sep-05 10:22:47


Anteater Sun 04-Sep-05 10:31:31

Havent been their but loved the sister hotel Wooley Grange, it proved near perfect for us.
Less impressed with Ickworth, the grounds and house are perfect but didnt get on with the interiors..
We are thinking of Moonfleet or Fowey Hall for later in the year so let us know..!

cocococo Tue 06-Sep-05 22:00:02

will do Anteater

bluesky Tue 06-Sep-05 22:06:18

Love Fowey

Fauve Tue 06-Sep-05 22:12:36

Another vote for Woolley Grange - just been there - heaven. Hopefully Moonfleet will be the same for you

gemmamay Wed 07-Sep-05 21:33:27

Love Wooley Grange! We were planning the next trip before we had checked out!

Whizzz Wed 07-Sep-05 21:34:23

No but the Evesham Hotel is great !

princesspeahead Wed 07-Sep-05 21:56:24

Have a few friends who have been there in the last couple of years. They thought it was all a bit tired and due for a facelift. One of them had previously been to Ickworth which they said was much better and newer. I don't think either would go back.....

pinotgrigio Thu 08-Sep-05 03:52:27

I went last Christmas. I thought it was fab! For furnishings, think stately home that is being lived in. They had just finished refurbishing some rooms too.

The facilities for children are excellent. I would definitely go back.

jaspercat Mon 12-Sep-05 16:34:23

Is good but is a bit tired and rooms are small. But great facilities for the children and can have lovely dinner once they are in bed using the baby listening service.

lucy5 Mon 12-Sep-05 16:37:30

Not as a guest but I used to go out with a friend of the owners son, so ive been to some wild parties there, but that was about 20 years ago. Omg just realised that I am old and this is a blast from the past.

cocococo Mon 12-Sep-05 22:54:12

Got back yesterday from Moonfleet Manor and promised to post on what we found! Weather was dreadful so we made good use of the facilities on offer. The food was heaven, lovely candlelit evening meals, divine breakfasts and yummy lunches. Our room was in the main house, was a good size and had a large en suite bathroom attached - our room all looked very fresh so I think must have been recently refurbished. The rest of the hotel was a strange mixture of shabby chic and some places were decidely shitty rather than shabby chic! I quite liked the jumble of antiques and colonial furniture and decor in the main house but some of the other areas are overdue an overhaul. When it rained the swimming pool complex had ominous brown bulges in the ceiling from the water collecting above and the water broke through in about 5 places in the games hall. The sight of buckets collecting the rain is not very 4 star!! Having said all that we had a great stay and we'll definately be back.

Anteater Mon 12-Sep-05 23:28:59

Glad you enjoyed your break..
We can not decide where to book for October half term. Were all set for Fowey Hall but have just been quoted £400 a night AND more importantly its dropped off th MN radar! Anybody been recently???????

SRM Wed 14-Dec-05 13:42:00

We went to Moonfleet in the summer and generally liked it very much, fabulous location and good food. BUT faciliites really tired eg pool/creche pretty grubby. Kids loved it though. Much prefered Calcot manor and also liked Ickworth. Didn't rate Evesham at all, awful food, mediocre room and mad owner!

madeleineg Tue 28-Feb-06 14:34:32

Completely agree that Moonfleet is looking very tired (and a bit grubby in places - the flooring in our suite was stained and threadbare, the bathroom was not of the standard you expect in a luxury hotel). This was our second trip, two and a half years since the first successful visit. Not a penny seems to have been spent on the place in the interim, and it shows. We won't be back!

CJBRDS Tue 22-Jul-08 00:55:10

Has anyone been to Moonfleet manor recently? wondering if it is worth going to... Thanks

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