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Hotels next to or very near NEC, Birmingham

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littlemissbossy Mon 22-Aug-05 14:39:37

Can anyone help .... dh needs a hotel next to or very near the NEC and the one he's given me is fully booked! any recommendations greatly appreciated - I don't know the area at all!

TIA lmb

aquamanda Mon 22-Aug-05 14:52:02

There are a few on this list, mostly of the regular chain variety Late Rooms

It depends whether he wants the convenience of being at the NEC or is interested in eating out or a more luxurious option further away.

littlemissbossy Mon 22-Aug-05 15:03:10

thanks for the link, I'll have a look through, problem is I don't even know where the NEC is - thanks again lmb

aquamanda Mon 22-Aug-05 15:09:37

The NEC is very near the airport about 15-25 minutes by car from centre of Birmingham (depending on traffic), on the list you will see some eg Holiday Inn Express located at the NEC, otherwise an airport location would be very near.

There are also good rail links into the centre of depends whether he is attending a Trade Show and just focussed on that or whether he needs to go to a decent restaurant in the evening.

littlemissbossy Mon 22-Aug-05 15:14:54

yes he's at a trade show so needs somewhere just to crash out

Blackduck Mon 22-Aug-05 15:17:30

try here

jampots Mon 22-Aug-05 15:17:57

There are a few hotels actually on the site of the NEC/Airport/Railway Station and literally walking distance to the exhibition halls. Slightly further afield is the HOliday Inn Express which would be comfortable and reasonable. Or there's loads in Solihull (5-10 mins away)

jampots Mon 22-Aug-05 15:20:48

how long is he there for and does he want access to bars etc? Bear in mind all the ones within half a mile and he may be disturbed by air traffic. The Tri-Star for example is literally under the flight path pretty much at the end of the runway

littlemissbossy Mon 22-Aug-05 15:29:04

thanks for the link blackduck and your suggestions jampots - any idea what the crowne plaza's like - they have availability

Blackduck Mon 22-Aug-05 15:59:47

Crowne Plaza - corporate, pretty much what you'd expect..don't know about noise levels...

littlemissbossy Mon 22-Aug-05 16:23:27

thanks... still looking

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