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Cheapest way to get from Highlands to Exeter in October ?

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bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 18:45:02

Hi, been on the internet quite a lot today, and still can't decide whether to fly or take the train,me and 3 children, no car, can any wise MN'etters help ?

mrsgeorgeclooney Sun 21-Aug-05 18:45:36

hahahaha! iut that time again!

mrsgeorgeclooney Sun 21-Aug-05 18:45:46

its me cod

compo Sun 21-Aug-05 18:47:37

it worked out quite well by train last time didn't it? didn't mumsnetters rally round with snacks etc? organised by Mrs GC?

gingerbear Sun 21-Aug-05 18:53:55

Galsgow to Exeter on £2.99 one way on various dates in October. see here

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 19:03:17

MN members were absolutely fantastic last time , but the train prices seem to be more expensive in October.Hows the leg Mrs Gc ?

beetroot Sun 21-Aug-05 19:03:52

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 19:32:02

I would if it were that simple, but we still need to get to the airport,and the train seems longer but more direct, oh if only fairy godmothers were real, what I'd give for a ride in a pumpkin. Hows the leg cod ?

beetroot Sun 21-Aug-05 19:36:29

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 19:43:40

We would go to Mallaig on the mainland, about 4 hours on the train from central Glasgow.

beetroot Sun 21-Aug-05 19:45:13

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 19:48:50

no, the train would be all the way, or to Glasgow , then get to the airport and fly the rest. Makes it sound so simple

beetroot Sun 21-Aug-05 20:48:20

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 22:06:37

I suppose the train went so well in April, I'm nervous about doing something different this time, thinking about how we will get to the airport in Glasgow, and from the airport in Exeter, I need to make up my mind though because ds2 will need ID if I decide to fly.

Miaou Sun 21-Aug-05 22:11:41

Can the rellies pick you up at the exeter end?

Dh could take you from mallaig to glasgow for petrol money - he's just gone to bed but I'm sure he won't mind me volunteering him!! Assuming he's not working by then anyway.

Aimsmum Sun 21-Aug-05 22:12:45

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 22:41:57

Hi miaou and Aimsmum, Yes another guilt trip to see the family, (not going down for xmas), probably won't be anyone around to pick us up at that end as mum doesnt drive and my brother is likely to be working,inlaws down in cornwall so too far for them, and couldn't possibly expect your dh to drive all that way miaou, but thankyou for volunteering him anyway.
I will be taking the children on my own this time, as we now have lambs as well as chickens and a dog to look after, I think thats just an excuse, but dh is sticking to it.
I though posting on here would help me make my mind up, but I'm still not sure,

Miaou Sun 21-Aug-05 22:55:25

can't you dig your heels in and get them to come up and see you? It's a much harder journey for you than it is for them, particularly since you have no car now.

Or plead insolvency and insist you will only go down if they will pay a week's car hire or plane tickets

seb1 Sun 21-Aug-05 23:03:09

Citylink service 915 goes from Fort william to Glasgow Airport if that is any help

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 23:09:40

Wouldn't work miaou, and I'd still feel guilty, this way I know I've made the effort.
Thanks seb1, will look that one up.

Miaou Sun 21-Aug-05 23:15:30

Just a thought! Overnight stays are on offer if it's of any help

seb1 Sun 21-Aug-05 23:18:08

If you get flights try traveline sctoland to plan your journey to the airport if Citylink isn't any good

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