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self satering N wales?

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sunnyside Fri 19-Aug-05 00:13:23

DH and I are planning 5/7 days in N Wales in Sept. Where shall we stay? Needs to be reasonably cheap and child friendly for 1 year old toddler. What d u reckon ladies?!

Hattie05 Fri 19-Aug-05 00:17:19

self satering? thats sounds interesting

incywincy Fri 19-Aug-05 00:29:54

Try here cefn cwmwd . Not cheap but very good. Short drive to the brilliant newborough beach, gorgeous views of the mountains, clean and well equipped.

sunnyside Fri 19-Aug-05 01:20:26

Cheers Hattie 05!
Havin a look Incy

lapsedrunner Fri 19-Aug-05 06:49:14

This is excellent

Feffi Fri 19-Aug-05 06:57:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumtosomeone Fri 19-Aug-05 07:55:18

welcome cottages. Fantastic cheap and always good.
Just booked for all of us to go to Scotland in October less than 350. now I dont think thats bad!
Had some nice ones in Wales before, but fancied a change!

mumtosomeone Fri 19-Aug-05 07:57:47

try this

mumtosomeone Fri 19-Aug-05 12:41:43

hope you find something!

sunnyside Sun 21-Aug-05 02:44:29

thanks everybody. I've just booked gwynfryn farm. Have looked at the others too and sent for details for future visits. Can't wait. To be honest I had no idea that so many were available, lots of them are really close to where we live!

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