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Passport expiry

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misty Thu 18-Aug-05 23:00:06

We are going to Paris in October (whey-hey) and I have just checked my passport, which expires in April 2006.

That means there will be 6 months left on it when I travel - is that O.K or should I get it renewed??

Mary71 Thu 18-Aug-05 23:04:09

might be okay but it only takes about 4 weeks to get them. You could chat to your local post office who will know this or ring local passport office if you can get through. I think that if it is in Europe then you can rely on the date or else why bother having expirey dates but just to be safe check, but do think you'll be okay.

Janh Thu 18-Aug-05 23:04:59

According to the the Passport Office ,

<<If you renew your passport in the UK before it expires, any unexpired period of validity rounded up to the nearest whole month (minimum of one month, maximum of nine months) will be added to your new passport. This period is calculated from the point at which your new passport is authorised for issue, not from the date of application. You therefore need to apply at least six weeks before your passport expires to get this benefit>>

So get a new one and your 6 months will be added on to it.

Janh Thu 18-Aug-05 23:05:57

Oh, it's 8 months atm but still valid!

Janh Thu 18-Aug-05 23:06:24

(Also you will have a younger pic in your passport for the next 10 years )

misty Thu 18-Aug-05 23:09:26

Janh - aha, good point .

I guess I'm just trying to keep costs down for this (hugely) expensive weekend, so if I don't have to renew it yet, even better!

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