Anyone else having trouble logging into their Orange email account?

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purepurple Sat 28-Nov-09 09:07:29

I keep getting an 'Invalid email or password' message.
I googled and found this thread on the web
I am annoyed that I can't read my emails.

TinselinaBumsquash Sat 28-Nov-09 09:20:14

My firend has just said on FB that she is having the ame thing, 'invalid username' i think they must be down or something.

TinselinaBumsquash Sat 28-Nov-09 09:21:03

Your not my firend are you? <looks sideways at purpurple>

purepurple Sat 28-Nov-09 09:30:05

lol, no
I hope they get it sorted soon
I have lots of important junk emails I need to read delete

WebDude Sat 28-Nov-09 12:01:26

Just checked mine and all seems OK, for anyone wondering (before rushing off to check for themselves).

Feenie Sat 28-Nov-09 12:20:28

I had endless problems with mine until they pointed out I could access them through Outlook Express/Windows Mail even if the site was down. Worked a treat.

purepurple Sat 28-Nov-09 13:07:25

Mine is now working. hurrah

Danthe4th Thu 03-Dec-09 23:09:09

Orange has been having problems all week its driving me nuts!!!!

happyharry Fri 08-Jan-10 13:28:46

This happened to me about a year ago. I lost count of the number of emails and phone calls i made trying to sort it out. The final answer I got was that because I could access emails on another compur than it was must be my computers fault and I would have to get someone in to sort it out a pay. Never bothered. Just use mail2 web instead althouth this is hugely annoying and slow. Hope you get it sorted.

happyharry Fri 08-Jan-10 13:29:55

Oops. Nowe see its working. Ignore me.

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