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Flowertop Thu 12-Nov-09 11:09:35

Hi, i have a tiscali email address which is my name I want to set up a brand new email address with a business name (which does not relate to my name at all) which can also come to me. How do I do this please as have no idea? I'm sure it is obvious (but not to me blush - HELP!!!

BadgersPaws Thu 12-Nov-09 11:28:54

Tiscali do allow you to have a number of email addresses.

Have a look at the instructions here:

Flowertop Thu 12-Nov-09 12:20:38

Thanks BP will give a try!

MrAnchovy Thu 12-Nov-09 15:16:12

Or just sign up for a new one at Google Mail so you are not bound to Tiscali for ever.

If you want it to look professional, so you have an address like '', you will need to buy that domain. You will then need somebody to provide the email server (and a web site too if you want). This costs much less than you would think.

WebDude Thu 12-Nov-09 15:46:23

I'd second using a free service, like Google Mail, or '' (though latter may place advert links in signature of outgoing mail). I use and (paid-for services) as they offer extra flexibility and file storage / webspace etc.

When registering a domain, many services "throw in" e-mail forwarding to your chosen (eg free) mail service. Some try to sell their own mail storage product.

Many registration firms also offer web page "redirection" so you could link to a web page elsewhere (eg a business directory showing your details, if applicable, or just a search engine, or map service showing where you are, if you have no need for a website/ limited funds/inclination to get a website set up initially).

It is better, in my view, to redirect (even if it only to somewhere like than to leave the registration service to "host" the page, as many of them put it onto some "parking" service where it may show links to sites (for which registration firm gets a commission if links are clicked) - and since the only information that is used is the domain name, that sometimes means that competitor sites get shown (eg a freight transport firm registered and links showed major competitors because the firm had 'transport' in their name).

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