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Best broadband and phone deals

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mummyofevilprincesses Wed 11-Nov-09 21:39:46

I am fed up with paying a small fortune to Sky and tbh will be glad to see the end of the Disney channel- it brings only evil to this house.

Which phone/broadband deals are best (not just cheapest, need them to be effective too lol). Was thinking Tiscali but don't know if they are any good. Will need wireless too.


WebDude Thu 12-Nov-09 15:55:32

Worth checking the website (use the exchange search) and it can show you a number of companies which offer broadband/ phone deals (listed bottom right under 'LLU')

Do watch out for some of them requiring 18 or 24 month line rental contracts!

There are other companies, too, which offer combined service, such as PlusNet.

You might want to check and

Do remember that more people are willing to complain about a service than ever praise a firm, so do read through a range of past comments on review sites, and don't just take bad scores as guaranteed indicator of bad service.

Also, have a look at the ThinkBroadband Forums where you will see any 'current' 'issues' that people are finding with services being slow, etc, etc.

Some of the awards have been made for customer service, and the TB (ThinkBroadband) site allows a comparison of up to 6 ISPs, so you can compare a few on speed, reliability, and customer services, for a number of past months. It may help give you a picture of which ones regularly give high speed and good CS.

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