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On my mobile - diverting all call to voicemail... how?

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mankymummymoo Wed 11-Nov-09 18:12:56

Hiya, I am on o2 pay as you go and have a sony ericsson T303.

I am clueless - how do i set it up so all my incoming calls divert to voicemail please?

I know its 901 to listen to my voicemails but when i try to select profile, view and edit, divert calls, then activate it asks me for a number? What do I type in?

thank you !

WebDude Thu 12-Nov-09 18:50:44

bump as there must be someone out there on O2...

I know with some mobiles/networks it's done via a menu entry on phone which then does the call back to network service to set/ enquire status (eg on Virgin Mobile)

Of course it might be automatic, if you just turn phone off (simple, non-technical solution!). Have you tried turning mobile off and calling it from a landline to test?

WebDude Thu 12-Nov-09 18:52:18

PS I hope voicemail is free on O2 (it is on Virgin) as you're otherwise going to be hit every time someone has left you a message.

Some ripoff networks charge 10p or 20p a minute just to listen to your incoming calls!

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